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Sir. What are the side effect of Concor cor 2.5 mg (beta 1 blocker) taken together with Avodart 0.5 mg and Fizatal XL 10 mg. Please give valuable advice, though I have taken for 4 months. When I told the consultant he changed concor with Preterax 5 mg. Thanx n regards. Ghani


Top 200 drugs brand and generic for 2010 ## I cannot give you the list for 2010, because such information is not compile until the year is over. There is no way of knowing what the top sellers will be in any given year, until the year has ended and they can add up the data. 2009 and other years, however, are readily available. Is this for a school assignment? ## ims details ## yes ## ready ## What is the Generic name for Avodart?

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