Availability Of 60 Mg Oxycontin In Tampa Fl


I am wondering if anyone knows where I can fill script for 60 mg oxycontin. I have Medicare and am about to scream because I can't find a pharmacy but you can get them on the street! So, someone is filling these scripts somewhere. Thank you

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From what I've recently heard, there are new rumors going around that Oxycodone in all its forms are gradually being taken off the market by the FDA. This would explain why very few people are having success finding a pharmacy to fill it; especially in Florida.

I haven't found any announcements that verify this claim, but I think the vast number of people unable to fill their scripts speaks for itself. Have you talked to your doctor about this situation? I'm not sure he or she would continue prescribing something if it can't ever be filled.

If anyone else has more specific information on the future of Oxycodone availability please do share!

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It's hard to believe that drug addicts and price gouging by pharmacists are dictating the availability of a phenomenal pain reliever like oxycodone and oxycontin. The only drug I have found that I don't need to increase the dosage. I am on 150 mg of morphine, which I am not happy with but it was too difficult to find oxycodone and then my Dr increased my mscontin to 60 mg which I found my insurance won't cover, but will cover 60 mg oxycontin. Go figure. This is surreal every stupid month. Oh, and I heard one pharmacy is charging $9 per 30 mg oxycodone. Who has that kind of money? Now I'm starting to ramble and I just want to cry.

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It is nonsense to suggest that one of the most effective analgesics in the world is being taken off the market. I KNOW it has in the USA and replaced by a completely different formulation which does not even conform to the patents on brand name OxyContin at all, and are virtually useless (have tried the 80mg 'OP' and found them around half the strength of regular tablets and giving some pretty awful G.I. side effects, as well, in my case, a splitting headache!) The 120mg strength is no longer available on Continental Europe but remains on UK Pharmacy shelves, thank God. No plans to withdraw it either, I checked with the manufacturer (Bard) and distributor (Napp). Too useful and commonly prescribed.

Now as for being unable to get 60mg (red) OxyContin (or more correctly, OP, I can not understand that at all since wholesale distributors who deliver to pharmacies should be able to supply almost any drug in the PDR at 24/48 hours notice. Here in the UK, we can get anything whatsoever delivered twice daily to all pharmacies so we never have to wait any longer than about 12 hours for any prescription to be filled. Could this have something to do with the 'quota' system which I read somewhere is imposed by the DEA (not even a Health Authority) and with much vigor in Florida especially due to its former reputation as opioid Heaven with so many pain management clinics which were merely money making machines... I can not see how such an important drug in any strength could not be delivered to any pharmacy within a day or two at most.

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Try Pharmblue in US. They will fill any script as long as it is the original (mailed to them) or the MD faxes the script.

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All you have to do is take the prescription to Walgreens and tell them you want them to order this medicine on this prescription. They will hold the prescriptions and order it, it'll come in on the next truck, they will tell you when. A couple of days.

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This is so interesting to read 10 years after you made this comment. Back in 2017 I was prescribed these, Medicare would only cover the name brand, but regardless they were all OP not OC. And I don’t think they worked at all.

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