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Hi. I was wondering if anybody with hep-c also has c.o.p.d? I've recently been diagnosed. I have geno-3. I'm 64yrs old, feel totally confused. My dr isn't very clued up on hep-c and is not much help at all. I feel that doing treatment for hvc would be just too hard with breathing issues. Thanks. P.s. - The Atrovent puffer is now giving me urine retention. (great)


I tested positive for Benadryl via a urine test, but I have never taken this drug. I was accused of taking it and try as I might, I was not trusted. I had a habit of using a lot of Gravol, for nausea and vomiting, along with Tylenol 1s (we can get this drug over the counter here in Canada). Because of taking large doses of it, I now have brain damage. It had gone on for decades. In 1986, I was in an abusive Worker's Compensation place. It has since been investigated and closed, but not before I was traumatized. I started smoking again and discovered the wonderful world of Percocet. I would have an addiction for twenty-five years. So, it's not difficult to see why I am closely moderated and have urine tests on a regular basis. I've been clean for a year and a half, but my uri...

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