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The last 3 dispensers I checked have significant amount of beads left over. I started checking as I seemed not to get relief any longer. I also am getting them from the VA I checked a couple 2 years ago and there was very little left after 60 doses. The 1st two I checked were close to expiration but the last expires Sept. 14th 2014 it is now April 9th 2014. It seems to sound differently when opening also. ## Hello, RonDon! How are you? You are not the first person to mention this. Have you contacted the manufacturer to inform them of the problem? Have you discussed it with your prescribing doctor?

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The three empty units were full of the powder. I opened a new unit and compared the amount of powder with the supposedly empty units and they were the same indicating nothing was being dispensed.. ## Hi, Tom! Did it help you? That would be the best judge of whether or not any medication is being dispensed, rather than trying to judge the amount visually. There's always going to be some left in the dispenser. Learn more Asmanex details here. However, if you really feel there was a problem, it would be best to contact the manufacturer and you can find more information on doing so via their website, ## The empty units had exactly the same amount as the new one. About a full tablespoon full. The reason I checked it it never bothered my throat when I didn't wash out my m...

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