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Found pills in my son's Rx bottles that don't look like they should. Small and round, but twice as tall as most pills of this size. Edge between top and side is a sharp 90 degree, not softly curved. Printed on one side Kp. ## I haven't located a photo of the pill in question, but have come across a pretty thorough description to compare with yours. Based on my research this could possibly be one of two pills with the same exact marking, similar physical appearance, and indications. Apparently KP stands for Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, a steroid manufacturer. And if you found these pills in your son's room then unfortunately this is what I would have assumed they are. Further research leads me to believe that these are either Aromasin or Nolvadex, both which are often used toge...

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What is this pill? It has SX imprinted on both sides with a line through the middle of the letters and the middle of the pill. ## Did you ever find out what this pill is? I too have this pill and don't know what it is. Please let me know asap, thank you! ## It is possibly 25mg aromodex (eximestane/aromasin) produced by an underground lab called sciroxx from somewhere in europe. They also make steroids.

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