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does anyone have releif and for how long. Mine is coming back. Injections were for diagnoses of RSD. It was given in the hip and thigh at UAB. It has been 2 months sense last injection and starting to get pain again in knee's and hips. ## Have you spoken to your doctor about it? Aristospan contains the active ingredient Triamcinolone, which is a steroid. Do they have you on anything else for pain? ## My name is Beth I was diagnosed with RSds years ago in Seattle WA 1990. I was crippled in one leg for at least 4 yrs. I seen many different drs. None were helping me. The dr. Told me he wanted to amputate my rt. leg to just above knee. I told him I would walk again n I wouldn't be back. Don't give up get in touch w the Drs. Who treat allot of cases of RSds because they will cure...

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