Are There Fake Teva 832 Pills Out There?


I just want to know if there are fake clonazepams going around? Imprint teva on one side and 832 on other... Round yellow pill... Because I took two of them .5's and it also doesn't have a nasty taste when I bite into it?

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No they are the real deal. I get some in yellow. They're 1mg. It's all in our benzo brains. I know i cant take the dark blue xanax or the light blue round 1mg. I have PTSD very bad. I get xanax 1 mg but must be light blue G -greenstone. BUT klonopin is longer acting and really better than xanax cause they're so short acting. Wish i didn't need them. It's hell. Teva 1mg clonaspam is green also. I'd be happy to help you with ur questions.

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Re: Are there fake Teva 832 pills out there?

My answer to that question is yes, as there are people counterfeiting these types of medications all over the world. The only honest way to protect yourself is by going through your doctor and a licensed pharmacy. This will ensure that you are actually receiving what you payed for and not some unknown mixture of substances. Even though pharmacies sometimes dispense less effective brands/generics, they are still what they say they are - And if in doubt, a lab analysis can prove it.

But the idea of these particular pills being either real or fake is only speculative at best (with the information that was provided), considering the fact that the physical description and taste can be replicated so closely. With such a high demand for benzo class drugs, you can probably bet that counterfeiters are motivated to make their product as accurate as possible.

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So what taste do the yellow 0.5 -832 Teva clonazepam leave in your mouth? If they are real?

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Re: Jonny (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

They are slightly sweet and meant to be disolved under tounge joe

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Real clonazepam are minty ...all mgs ...probably counterfeit if they are sweet lol.

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Depends. I'm in the Boston area - 95% if not ALL of the illicit pills are fake in this area. Including these.

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