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Need to identify an oval pill with 4 raised line on top. It has a minty smell. The color is off-white or very light gray. ## Hello Marie, Since what you have does not have an imprint it definitely isn't a FDA regulated medication. Since you said it smells like minty I started looking up brand named breath mints. I found one that matches your description and I was wondering if you would mind doing a google image search of Altoids arctic mints? They are breathmints that are white and have 4 raised lines on them. Let me know if this solves your question. If not let me know and I'll try searching again.

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Does anyone know what this is? It sounds like an Altoid Arctic mint. ## @ttbunny, If the pill is somewhat "thick" and has a chalky feel/appearance then it does fit the description of an Arctic peppermint Altoid, who's pills are light blue and oval with multiple ridges on one side. I've yet to find a full image of a single pill to verify exactly how many ridges there are, but I have seen smaller images online that depict these very features. In fact I can confirm that there are "at least" 3 ridges on one of the photographs on google. Hope this helps! ## That has to be a mint and not a pill.

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