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I read old post and Androderm sure got a lot of bashing. I have yet to have one fall off. Actually they are hard to take off. Had the glue stick to me after i removed it. I showered with one on just to see and it would not come off, even using a scubby cloth on it. I found out if I take a shot shower and scrub where the patch was, the red spot does not last as long. that is the only two complaints I have is the spot it leaves on my body and itches like crazy. I hope my levels continue to increase. I only had them on for a month. I have to wait 2 more months before new blood work. My balls have not shrunk or my hair fallen out like i read in older posts. I hope I get good results. Only think so far is the muscles stiffness is gone. I am getting workouts at the gym too. I been really hung...

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Getting information is difficult. It seems every person is different on Androderm. The first 2 weeks on 2mg patch was good. Morning erections, sex thoughts, good sleep, then after the 2 weeks, things seems to subside and now nothing. I was tested after 2 weeks on 2mg and my total t was up from 301 to 331 and free t was up from 42 to 72. My doctor said stay on the 2mg and retest in 2 1/2 months which would make me on Androderm for 3 months. I am worried nothing is going to improve. Why was the first 2 weeks amazing and now nothing? Do I just need to be patient. I found out the body only produces about 6mg a day. The doctor is trying to find a level that does not interfere with my natural production and shut it down. If you take too much T, it will shut down what your body is making. Hope...


I was taking 10 mg of Androderm every 24 hours for treatment of Low-testosterone. I just switched from an endocrinologist to a urologist and he wanted me to discontinue the patch and wait 4 weeks and get retested. I was hoping it would be out of my system much faster? ## How long once Androderm is stopped does it take for that medication in the system have NO effect in subsequent testing?

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