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Does anyone know of the availability of Tardyl? Tardyl was used mostly in Eastern Europe. It is composed of Amobarbital, Glutethimide (Doriden) and Promethazine in a three layered tablet. I believe it was made by Extractum Pharmaceuticals, and is indicated for insomnia. The dosage was 125mg of Amobarbital and Glutethimide (Doriden) and I believe 25 mg of Promethazine, all in one tablet. A little overkill in my opinion, please pardon the pun. ## I am in the US and I know Tardyl was used in Hungary. It's a combination of Glutethimide (Doriden), Amobarbital, and Promethazine. Prescribed for insomnia, it was made in a triple layered tablet. I know that these babies will definitely put you to sleep, and too many you'll be sleeping for good. I believe they were made by Extractum Pharm...

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i need a list of all the DEA aproved schedule two (c-ii) drugs ## i need it for my research ...i would like to go for long study in that matter... ## It is quite a list, but easily found at the US DEA government website, here's the link for you: You will find them listed in order, starting with schedule 1, so you will have to scroll down for the schedule 2 list, which starts with the drug Amobarbital and ends with Zolpidem. Hope this helps you in your research and if there's any other information I can help you find, please let me know! ## I LIVE IN THE STATE OF INDIANA, I AM A RECOVERED (FROM A HOPLESS STAE OF MIND & BODY) ALCOHOLIC/ADDICT. THE ONLY PRESCRIPTION PAIN MEDICINE I HAVE TAKEN FOR THE LAST 5YRS IS ULTRAM, I WAS TOLD IT IS NON-NARCOTIC, UNTIL RECENTLY. I HAVE A N...

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