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I am a nervous wreck and I have Fibromyalgia and take one of the Oxy drugs, timed released Morphine, clonapin, flexeril, Lyrica, niaspan, lipitor, trazadone. My mom was on Elixer Alurate. When my brother died tragically, the doctor prescribe to calm all of our nerves. The calmness was within a matter. I'd like to take it again and give up the Clonapin. Is there anyone out there who takes Alurate or has any advice? Thank you

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Elixir Alurate. Your story is just like mine with my Mom being on E. Alurate & my having Fibro, which within the past few months, has been listed as a disease, right down to the drugs we both take for the Fibro & Nerves being shot. It was as if I wrote what you wrote. The Alurate is a drug that takes care of nerve issues in a heartbeat. I, too, have mentioned it to my Dr. One thing about E. Alurate that scares me. It is a barbiturate & my Mom went bald with Lichon Planis, a side effect due to taking the barbiturate. I would love to hear from you. Patti

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Pattie is correct, the active ingredient is listed as being Aprobarbital, which is a barbiturate, it was shown to have sedative, hypnotic, and anticonvulsant properties.

I found a little information on it here, but not much other information is available, and it appears that it's not commonly used, anymore, which is the case with most barbiturates. They've mostly been replaced by benzodiazepines, and other medications that are deemed to be safer.

In the past, barbiturates were very commonly abused, since they have a tendency to be habit forming. I doubt you will find a doctor that will prescribe a medication in this class, rather than the benzodiazepine that you are already taking.

How well is the Klonopin working for you?

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