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I've been to several doctors with no results helping for parasites so I went and got a mail-order prescription filled for Albenza from Combitic Global. The package came in and I received albendazole tablets ip with the brand name zenzole. They are peach and oblong tablets with a score line to split but has no markings. I'm at my wits end for help and not sure what to do, so frustrated.

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Hi Lori, sorry to hear about what you've been dealing with. So it sounds like you got your prescription filled from a manufacturer in India which should TECHNICALLY contain the same active ingredient as a domestic drug. While I can't give you medical advice I have heard of individuals being just fine with generic equivalents from out of the country. The challenge, however, is that foreign medications can be much more difficult to verify because they are not required to carry distinct imprint codes like the domestic ones - and they do not always follow the same manufacturing standards as meds from the US. With that said, it is up to you whether you feel comfortable taking a dose. There is a good chance that they will work as intended, but of course no guarantees either. Since this is not one of the "commonly abused" drugs such as opiates or benzodiazepenes chances are that these will not be counterfeit or problematic. I hope this helps. If you don't mind I wanted to ask what happened with your doctor that prompted you to fill your RX internationally?

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I've been to several Drs with all negative testing. They look at what my primary care Dr stated and don't even look at me or my symptoms. They do not want to hear me, it's so frustrating. I read you most always get negative results. At my wits end so i ordered on line. I was scared when I saw the packaging.

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Ok that makes sense. That's a pain and too bad the specialist was not willing to look into this further. I am kind of surprised by that too and should at least try some other tests.

So do you think you're going to take the tablets now? It is normal to receive generic or international brand names when filling a prescription from the internet - and I've seen it first hand. I didn't want to tell you what to do in my earlier post but I did want to make you aware of that. Like I mentioned before, since Albendazole is considered an essential medicine according to the World Health Organization (WHO), and it is not one of the "recreational" drugs I don't see a motivation for them to make counterfeit or bad pills.

And there's no judgement here, but if you are taking the meds on your own accord (without your doctors' supervision) I would just be very mindful of any side effects you could experience: Nausea, abdominal pains, and headaches. Potentially serious side effects include bone marrow suppression which usually improves on stopping the medication. Liver inflammation has been reported and those with prior liver problems are at greater risk. It is pregnancy category C in the USA, meaning it may cause harm if taken by a pregnant women. [1]

Don't want to scare you off with the list above but if you are feeling bad after starting the meds then I would definitely call the doctor and be honest with them so that they can advise you further. I wouldn't worry about being judged or getting in trouble since this is just an antiprotozoal drug. Anyways, best of luck and let me know what you end up doing.

[1] https:/­/­­wiki/­Albendazole

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Thank you. I am gonna take the meds when someone i know around just to be safe. I have to try, otherwise i will never feel better. Like i said at I'm desperate, and yes, it is bad and no one will listen. I guess this is a very touchy subject with Drs. I will let you know how goes and thanks again, you been very helpful.

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You are very welcome Lori - Wishing you the best with this and please post back to share how it all goes since it might be able to help someone else going through this in the future.

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Roy, just want thank you for giving me the courage to take the albendazole I started it today. Hopefully this works I will keep you updated. Thanks again I guess I need a little encouragement

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Roy, Thank again the albendazole tablets ip from Combitic global does work i done my second round and i feel much better. Hope this helps someone else for i was giving up and sort of afraid after i got the package but yes it does work and im so thankful for that without the encouragement i would never tried them. so thanks again !!!

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I just received Zenzole yesterday. Found a small worm in feces. When I looked it up all the weird symptoms I've had the last year suddenly made sense. My Dr. seemed like she never heard of it, but prescribed Albenza. The pharmacy was going to charge $800 but then didn't have it in stock and said it was not being made in the US because not enough people bought it. My Dr. said to do the stool test which I did and it was negative--as expected by what I read online. So feeling creeped out by the living things inside me I ordered for the first time online the medication. lori's post is giving me the courage to try it. I received the same medication that she did...Zenzole from Combitic Global. So here goes.

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Good luck with that I'm sure it will help I also have done other things that helped too . It does work just be patience and do zenzole two weeks after you first time taking it

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Thank you lori. I took the Albenza with a pint of ice cream and water and had no side effects. I think it is working and will take it again in 2 weeks. One of my symptoms was the asthmatic cough every couple of months. I still have that a little so will be curious to see if it cures that. I told my Dr. and she said since the stool test came back negative she didn't think I had it but if it helped me "psychologically."...I think this is a taboo subject even among medical Dr's! However it does help me psychologically to have a remedy, and not have to argue with my Dr. Though she actually did prescribe it to begin with until she found out it wasn't made anymore in the US, then she recommended the stool test to see if I actually had anything. I'm glad for this website and thanks for your response.

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I just took the second dose of 400 milligrams of albenza (from India). It's been 2 weeks since the first dose. I started to feel better but then the same symptoms came back a couple days ago. I'm wondering if I should continue to take it on a monthly basis? Also some sites say to take it every day for a week. Is that overkill? So to speak...Any responses would be helpful.

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I took the meds for ten days and then waited two weeks and started it all over.

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ohhh. ok. well it looks like I need to start over. I did what my doc prescribed originally and on some sites it says that a single dose of 400 works, then again in 2 weeks. The holistic health sites seem to say to do it every day and then take a week off for your liver's sake. I'm not sure what to believe at this point. The meds did not seem to affect me adversely so I'm inclined to go ahead and do the the 10 days. Can you tell me how you decided to do it 10 days? Did you have side effects or only good effects. I have less symptoms but still some. Thank you for continuing to converse with me.

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I'm going to take 2 a day for 28 days 400 mg. I did find prescriptions for some people for that online so it must mean I won't overdose on it. But last time a Dr actually prescribed it I think think it was 200 mg twice a day. We shall see what happens on these international ones.

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Hi, Ben here from Vermont :)

I had been feeling off for years, and with almost a decade fighting overseas I have had to often live on the local food in both Afghanistan, and Iraq. My symptoms were that every month I would have a few random days where I would feel unusually dizzy and have a total loss of energy. I was told by the VA that these were panic attacks caused by PTSD. I have some major injuries so I trusted them at their word. As the years went on the symptoms stayed the same though, and that should not be the case.

I took a shot in the dark one day, and ordered a over the counter med called ParasitePro. After 6 days a six inch long head a tape worm passed from me. I freaked out, and immediately scheduled a visit with my local VA provider. He scheduled a fecal examination for eggs which found nothing. Knowing that I was infected I was very upset, and had to settle on ordering internationally as well. I have started my treatment with the same medication you described without issue. My symptoms are gone, and I'm relieved to say it worked.

To any doctor/PA reading this, do your job.

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How many days did you take albendazole? It did work for me, then like i said, I stopped for two weeks and started it again for another 10 days. However my girlfriend had almost same symptoms and she found out it was body mites. You can tell by taking a dawn bath put on your body and let stay on twenty minutes and then wash off your see them start falling out of your body. Not a cure but it helps this will help and then you can go from there. It is still a parasite, you will need different medicine for that. I'm not a Dr, just trying to help. I have learned a lot from this experience. hope this helps.

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Very interesting thread, People! I am thankful to all of you who posted your stories. I have been feeling poorly for MONTHS and on a suspicion, started an herbal protocol to get rid of intestinal parasites. It was effective in the sense that there was definite physical evidence coming out of me (not to be gross!). My doctor was skeptical but ordered Albenza anyway, but my insurance refuses to cover it as a previous poster said, it is $800 PER PILL. I filled my rx of 10 of them for $15 on line. They are the orange ones described by Lori. I felt exactly as she related... a bit nervous & skeptical! I took one and have no ill effects, just a little bit of cramping. I am hoping this will get rid of the critters once & for all!!

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Re: lori (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I have been taking colidal copper , You need to be sure to do a total body cleanse 7 days before you start the copper,and Immune and liver and Kidney support with a good vitamin. SUPPOSED TO KILL ALL WORMS

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Re: lori (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I have the same experience with my doctors, they cant see it so it is not there. I tried zenzole from india too, but I had 60 tablets and the first tablet caused a reaction, while all the rest did nothing. I have still got the hookworms and they're quite big now. I decided I was going to drink herbal tea containing wormwood, prickly ash and black walnut shell powder. I drink it and it kind of slows them down but does not kill them. I'm at a loss of what to do from here. Perhaps the doctors dont know how to treat it, so they decide it's not there. I will update if I find a solution.

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I recently filled a prescription for Albenza but got Zenzole instead. Now I'm scared to take it because I can't find any info on it as far as what else it contains. There are active & inactive ingredients that need to be listed but I just can't seem to find this brand info anywhere.

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Lori- currently going through the exact same thing.. you can literally feel them.. but all doctors say my tests are negative.. its enough to break you down. The doctors literally know nothing about these things or the side effects form having them.. its insane. I cant seem to get ANY help form anyone. Did those pills work for you? Did anything work for you? Please let me know if you ended up getting this figured out.. i literally have nowhere else to turn.. I've tried everything!

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I have taken the same pills from out of the country many times I’m actually wondering if they’re just sugar pills or if they are actually legit but they have never harmed me or made me feel sick I just know I still have the parasites

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I just received my refill of Albendazole 400mg Zenzole - same orange oblong pills that looks totally different from the US pills and that scared me as well. Lori your comment has given me hope. Could not get any doctor to take my situation seriously. For now the worms have reached my lungs. I've been diagnosed with pneumonia. This is when I decided I had to do something. Got my rx from online Canadian Pharmacy (manufacturer is Combitic Global Caplet PVT LTD) and was scared and skeptical. I pray to god it gets rid of these horrible worms that have robbed me of my life. Started treatment today. Ill be in touch.

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You have to go to your doctor and he will give you some type of cream and you have to wear it for 8 hours. Sometimes your physician will also give you pills to take. Google this and it will tell you everything you need I feel so bad for you.

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Re: Lindsay (# 23) Expand Referenced Message

How can you get this kind of stuff in your body and in your nose? How do you get worms and the other stuff that you have? I'm so confused how can this happen and how can you get rid of them? What caused them? What kind of medication or what do you do to make them go away? I'm so sorry you're going through this.

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I am not sure if I have mites or worms. They look like worms. They are everywhere. In my nose, ears, eyes, lips, torso, you name it they are there. I can pull about a 2mm worm looking thing out of me. And I feel the itchy crawling sensation. I just want to make sure that my Albendazole (zenzole) will work. You said I will need a different medication for body mites. What would that be?

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Just got my blood test results back and all is good, no damage done by taking Fenbendazole

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Re: Sherry (# 20) Expand Referenced Message

I'm still fighting to get my money back for this unknown Zenzole, that contains Albendazole. I actually did some research on Fenbendazole which is used on many animals. Found a report that a doctor used it on a patient and cleared up her ocular parasite issue. There's a discussion thread out there stating that dairy, cattle and sheep handlers have used Fenbendazole. It's cheaper and you can buy it in a pet store, even Wal Mart sells it pretty cheap. The downside is that it's a 3 day treatment and the amount you take is based on grams. I had to mix 120 grams (each gram contains ~222 mg of drug) once a day into my food. I used sugar free pudding. Anyway, I'm waiting for my blood work results to see if it damaged anything. This product did not cause any discomfort at all. Not sure why they have not allowed this drug to be used on humans.

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