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I have acute and ongoing rhinitis. I was on Flucatizone, but now I have an irritated, burning and bleeding nose. Will Deselex help for my chronically blocked nose? I use Afrin, but find it is a bit harsh to use frequently. ## Hi Rita, Sorry to hear about the ongoing symptoms you're having. From what I could gather, Deselex (Desloratadine) is an antihistamine used for treating or preventing allergy symptoms, such as sneezing or a runny/stuffy nose, etc. Apparently it works by blocking histamine, the substance in the body that is known for causing these allergic symptoms. So it would seem to me that you have the right medication. Is this something your doctor recommended? ## No it was not recommend by my doctor. I was just wondering if it could be an alternative for the Flucatizone wh...

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cvs had a 4 hour strength AFREN (sec) AFREN equal less than 0.05 strength last season now off the shelf ## Have you tried checking other drugstores? I'm sorry, but we aren't affiliated with any company, or phamacy, so we have no control over what they keep in stock, nor do we have any way of influencing that. The exact ingredients in Afrin depend on which formulation you purchase. Have you tried asking a pharmacist? They might be able to help you find an equivalent.

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