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I take generic Adderall 20 mg for narcolepsy and there is not one local pharmacy that has it in stock. I have never had this problem before. The pharmacies are saying that it's on backorder from the manufacturer. Is anyone else having problems getting their scripts filled?

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I live in Southern NH. I can't find a pharmacy anywhere around here that can get Adderall in any dose from Teva and Barr Pharmaceuticals. My psychiatrist was apparently completely unaware of this situation when he wrote the prescription earlier today, 10/18/2011. I run out in 4 days but am on a very low dose (5mg twice a day) so I may be able to wean off of it safely by cutting back to 5mg once a day, then nothing.

I wonder how many people taking higher doses are going to have major problems with withdrawal. I consider this situation to be gross irresponsibility on the parts of both the manufacturers, Teva and Barr, and on the physicians who continue to prescribe it. These physicians should be aware that such a shortage exists and should adjust their prescriptions accordingly. If they don't, they're incompetent and should not be practicing. I hope that the patients who have serious problems withdrawing sue the makers and the doctors involved. With so many people depending on Adderall, some kind of class-action suit is in order.

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Hi Adderall users. I was on 20mg Xs 3. Suddenly, thry weren't making the 20 mgs, but they were making the 10 mgs., Now, they are all on backorder. OK so I wait and guess what? My MHMR price went from 28 dollars for 180 10mgs to $162.00 for same meds. And thats with the MHMR discount. I called HEB and Wallmart, their price $435.00. Ha! So I went to my MHMR people and gently reminded them that they had started me on the med for a reason and that reason was still present and that it was their responsibility to, at the very least, try to treat my ADHD symptoms, not to mention the withdrawal from Adderall. They finall agreed to try to get me on Ritallin. They were actually just going to to say, too bad, so sad, not our fault, its the drug company's fault. No, No, No.,,,you my doctor me. Asi es!.,

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Can't find brand Adderall XR 30mg anywhere in North Georgia today 10/19/2011.

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Hi everybody, I live in Boston and have not been able to find a pharmacy anywhere that has the 10mg dextroamphetamine (FKA: amphetamine salt) tablet. The pharmacies I’ve been to tell me its on backorder until January. I have been taking this particular medication daily for the last 7 years so it’s absolutely ridiculous that I/we have to wait that long. I completely agree with Ben that there should be some sort of class action suit.

Do these people at the drug co. realize the affect that this can have on our daily life and more importantly our body? So, they must expect us all to detox off the medicine on our own and then all of a sudden get right back on it in January. Your body will have to become accustomed to the medication all over again.

Let me say that I think this medication is way overprescribed. There are far too many people taking this medicine for the wrong reasons. Everybody wants to crack jokes about ADD but for people that actually have the disorder it’s not a laughing matter. I can't stand when I hear someone (young, able bodied) say they got a script for adderall so they can lose weight (Pick up a damn weight - go for a jog - ride a bike).

Between the corporate greed of the pharmaceutical companies and the doctors overprescribing the meds. It’s no wonder why people who actually have the disorder cannot get the medicine. Furthermore, I was reading an article about the multiple patent lawsuits that have been going on regarding adderall and if you ask me I think every Co. involved is trying to monopolize the medicine. This is America right? I thought monopolies were illegal. Oh, but when you’re dealing with overseas companies I guess they can basically do whatever they want. The FDA should be going nuts right now. They are really are only hope in this situation.

Here is some advice for the big wigs at these pharmaceutical co's: Let another couple companies produce a generic version of the medication and then you can simply collect the majority of the profits that the generic med. make. They have done this with a million other drugs, why not adderall?

PS: I cant believe it but it's really not the pharmacy's fault this time.

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There have been a lot of posts about this recently, though I am not certain why there is a shortage, just that the companies have reported one.

Have any of you consulted your doctors about using an alternative medication in the meantime?

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After talking to my nurse practioner, I finally convinced her that it was their responsibility to take care of what ever symptoms I had, with or without Adderall. She changed my med to Ritalin. We shall see how it works. I have fibro, so concentration is almost non-existant when in bad episode. I've heard that the drug companies that manufacture Adderall just wanted to make more money. We've all heard that before. I mean, its not like they ran out of the substances that they use to make the med. Doesn't make sense. Good luck all.

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I live in Cincinnati and take 10mg tablets. I called at least 25 pharmacies in Cinci and all are out. I even called pharmacies in Dayton and Columbus - no one has it. Don't know what I'm gonna do.

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I tried 4 different pharmacies in my area today and all of them said the fast acting Adderall is out of stock until the end of the year. This is absolutely unacceptable. So how is someone supposed to function if they don't have their medicine? Just go through withdrawal until January?

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My DR just spoke with the medication sales rep and told him that adderall will not be in production until the summer of 2012 due to a FDA issue. Nothing else has been working for me as far as focusing and concentration....

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The information from the FDA lists that all current manufacturers reported shortages due to supply issues.

However, Shire Pharmaceuticals has reported that their supply has improve, though it is still limited. They offer a pharmacy locator service by phone, so you can check and see what pharmacy in your area has it in stock.

Call 800-828-2088 and select option 5 in the automated system.


I hope this helps some of you!

Are there any other comments or questions?

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I'm in San Angelo, Texas. The HEB has them in stock, 180 pills @ 10mg is $435.00. At the Walmart its $432.00 and thru MHMR its $179.00. I'm on a fixed income and I used to pay $28.00. So these new prices don't help me. Might help someone with insurance. Also, I'm now on Ritalin, but it seems to be harsh on my stomach. Hope all find relief soon.

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I live in new jersey. There is a shortage here as well. I have tried everywhere in new jersey and parts of pennsylvania. This has left patients with needs in a vulnerable position and I agree with previous posts about a class action suit. First we need to find who is accountable.

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The last drug shortage update was done on 7/12/2011. I called Shire, XR is supposed to be available everywhere.
There is a number to call the FDA to report drug shortages. I had to leave a voice mail, waiting for callback.
Everyone needs to start reporting!

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Were out in Winston Salem, NC too.

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Out in Columbia SC!! WTF??!!

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This definitely shows the flaws with ObamaCare. God forbid the tax paying working middle class be able to get their meds. There is a government cover up going on right under our noses. Obama wants zombies and people to rely on his big government. He wants to dumb everybody down. Of course there is no shortage of Vicodin or Oxycotin is there? Blame Obama, the FDA & the DEA folks. We need to take to the streets while we are still awake!!!!

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First -- let's keep the politics out of it. Anyone who cares to read knows that repvublican congress has failed to fund almost every pert of Obamacare,

I realize it's just a knee jerk reaction to you guys to blame Obama (cuz it's always so much easier to tear someone dowt then to help yourself (or, God forbid, your neighbor), back up.

The reason for this problem is two fold - (1) too many children are having children and and they just don't know that kids ALWAYS run around like fruit flies on crack and that parenting is a full time job cutting into their teenage partying years - so the answer must be the kid has ADHD ans needs some drugs to calm down.

And, the other reason is that the pharmarceutical companies are trying to capitalize on a patient glut by making fewer of their cheapest drugs. You'll notice that that there is no shortage of the XR varierty of adderall that still has patent protection or a shortage of the new Vyvanse - nope, just the cheap non patented IR form of Adderall (and apparently Dexedrine, too). And this is nationwide, folks, I read all your complaints, and I'm in Hawaii and just hand the same problem and I talk regularly with people in South Carolina, Pennsylvania and Kansas that are having the exact same problem. Now, I know what I'm going to do next month, but I can't tell of you, cuz then you'd all do it to and then Id be buggered again, but I promise that Ill let you what I do in a month if it works.

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I just called shire pharmaceuticals they told me they no longer own adderall that the co. Bar pharmaceuticals bought it. So I called and I'm waiting for a response. I'm in NY I take this n I'm having trouble big time with out it. I'm up all night and sleep all day . I lost my job and I'm having a bad time unmotivated and depressed

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If people are losing jobs over it then it is a political issue. And as to the statement that was made saying there is no shortage of XR....well that's false. If there is no supply of the ingredient then create jobs to create the supply! But they cant due to FDA regulations....Again a political factor. We all know the government can do what they want. They can just
create more money when they want so somebody needs to step up and create more medication or I'll soon be unemployed because I've been on a high dose of this for 12 years and can't function without it!

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Oh and one more thing. I live in and work in DC. There was supposed to be a session on the Hill regarding this issue but it was canceled. Hmmmm maybe it was because half of the politicians couldnt make it into work because the can't get thier Adderall filled or it's due to all of the damn lobbyist's that have invaded DC. So don't say this isn't a political issue. Of course it is. It's a 100% failure of our government systems & policies due to their interests. There is a major mental health issue unfolding. I wrote the FDA in May when I first encountered the supply issue. They responded that they were working on it and the problem should be corrected very shortly. Well now it's almost November and has the supply issue been corrected? I think not. The entire country is out of Adderall and I am furious that the FDA allowed this to happen. I suggest everybody go to the FDA's website and write them. You need to take action people. The doctors are still gonna take your money and write your scripts even if there is no Adderall available. The people, You, Us, need to stop Blogging about it and start writing the FDA, your local politicians, news media and anybody that will spread the word. Somebody needs to be held accountable because all that Washington is currently doing is pointing fingers.....and printing more money but that's an entirely different topic. Speak and let your voices be heard!!!!

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Re: Boyd (# 1950) Expand Referenced Message

Try Costco and use the goodrx app or their site for their coupon for a greatly reduced price. Often beats insurance.

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Re: Scott (# 1954) Expand Referenced Message

Have you tried Provigil? Just a suggestion.

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Re: Scott (# 1955) Expand Referenced Message

Yes, indeed. I had a bad allergic reaction to Auerobindo (sp?) and found out via the difficult route when they substituted it for my regular Teva. I wasn't aware that they did this or I would have a negative reaction. All my other meds have been filled with other generic alternatives and I have had no problems. In addition, I also didn't even think twice before taking them as they looked so much the same. Lesson learned the hard way.

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I haven’t had a bad experience getting Adderall yet. It’s been taking 3 days to order it, then it’s delivered to my pharmacy and it’s ready the next day. It seems the East Coast and the West Coast have different availability and distributors.

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Re: Ryelee83 (# 1957) Expand Referenced Message

Yeah I haven't had ir available here in a few months either. Luckily, but Dr has been willing to replace them with XR, which are regularly available, but they just aren't the same.

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30mg IR STILL on backorder in MA for almost 3 months. Every month is such an ordeal to get prescriptions filled. It's exhausting, to say the least

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Re: Barb T (# 1952) Expand Referenced Message

There must be no one else in your area taking it. You are extremely fortunate. Take your blessing and realize there are others of us who haven't been able to get adderall in over a year.

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Re: Viny (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

FYI: be careful of which mfg your Adderall is made by. DEA along with FDA have stricken guidelines that name brand and generic have the exact “active” compounds BUT! Manufactures have complete digression without regulation to add buffers and fillers that can and often do affect the effigy of the generic compound. Some are allergic to corn, dyes and so on. I have researched and personally experienced first hand this travesty. This common practice has to change! There’s power in words and letters to our congressman, legislators, senators and right to the manufacture! You can sit and complain about your predicament and change nothing or write to people in your state starting with Congressional district for you and work up to POTUS! I’ve done it along with scheduled meetings with legislatures and gatekeepers. P.S. keep a dossier of who, place and time, your message well rehearsed, take notes, use the media (not Facebook) local tv, news reporters and especially and I mean this…never ever quit! This is how laws get changed in America! Lawyers are valuable for information on possible class action lawsuits. I’m working on letters and please always be direct to the point, include how you’ve been personally harmed and sum up what you want done to correct the harm and suffering you and all other American citizens are going through due to the law of quotes not in the reality of the present time! P.S. have someone proofread everything! No typos. Here for ya!

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Re: Ben (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

It’s not either the doctors or pharmaceutical company’s. The DEA has quotas of the quantity of Adderall (name), Dextroamphetamine sulfate (generic form). I’m trying to get my prescription of Dexedrine Spanules filled and they’re $100 for 30 qty @ 15mgs. That’s with insurance! Try Costco or call the manufacture directly to check their assistance programs. It works! Also call your Senator, legislature in your district and lastly look into a legal suit against the FDA for purposely and maliciously not opening up higher quotes because of the increase of prescriptions written due to more ADHD diagnosis and me with Narcolepsy II.

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Re: Barb T (# 1952) Expand Referenced Message

Yeah, I'd love to try out Dexedrine, but that seemed even more scarce when I was considering it. Agree on sandoz being the best

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