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is this med just like actifed cold and allergy ## Hi Tina, I posted the active ingredients in each one of these medications so you could see the differences: Actifed Cold And Sinus contains: Acetaminophen + Pseudoephedrine + Triprolidine Actifed Sinus Daytime contains: Acetaminophen + Pseudoephedrine Actifed Cold and Allergy contains: Chlorpheniramine + Phenylephrine As you can see, all three of these contain different ingredients depending on whether or not your primary focus is treating allergy symptoms and a cold or maybe just sinus related issues. But I'm sure each one of these brands can be used interchangeably to some degree if you are experiencing a bit of everything. In that regard, they are similar because they have similar ingredients used for a similar purpose; but no the...

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