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I always found Actifed to be the only cold medicine that worked for me. Now I cant find it at any of my local drug stores even behind the counter. Is it still available? Even the pharmacist I talked to thought it was on the shelf and then realized they quit carrying it. ## Yes, it keeps my sinus issues under control while I sleep. Not finding it anywhere is very troubling. I am wondering if it is available under a different product name. ## September 2011: The best (for me) medicine to control post nasal discharge and allergic reactions has disappeared. Some store still carry Actifed Plus (with added analgesic) but I don't need that. The pharmacists have no info...and there is no other product on the market that I can find that has the same active ingredient (other well-known brands...

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Can sombody tell me where can I find it? ## Actifed cold and allergy medicine... ## I'm sorry, but everywhere I've looked that carried it lists it as no longer being available and other information I've found also lists it only being in available now, in a few other countries. The most recent formulations contains Chlorpheniramine and Phenylephrine and this same combination is available in many other products on the market, including generics and store brands. Have you tried asking your pharmacist for an equivalent?

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