Acetaminophen / Oxycodone For Back Pain


I have severe back pain. Also I have a boxers fracture due to football. I was hoping I can find a doc who will be able to give me the best diagnostics. It's been an on going problem since high school.

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Ive played football all through middle school and high school and I've dislocated a shoulder, had serious issues with my back, also a boxers fracture on my right hand. Believe it or not it tends to hurt about 2-3 time a week.

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2 trying to slowly to get off pain killers..but everytime i do i get such severe oain in my stomach. Feels like bladder inf3ction..went to get checked for bladder..yesst ..or urinary trsct infection..they all come back negative..saying there is mo infection..which doesnt make sense as i cant stop going to much pressure in my stomach..i cant say anyting to doctord as im trying to get off them on my own...i was cut off them from my doctor. He told me to go n get help as i messef now im trying to find an easier way to cut myself off of them without the pain..and without going thru méthadone clinic. Is there anyine who knows how to get off them without the horrible withdrawls..and horrific stomach pain...i was on 60 mg of oxicotin a day plus 4 percocets a day..thsts what doc prescribed...but i kept running out before my next i told doc percocet did nothing for the pain..n needed a higher dose of oxicocet...he got upset wirh me n told me to go n get help at methadone clinic. So now im stuck trying to get thru month to to day trying to find pain killers so i dont have to go throygh horrible withdrWls n so much pain in my stomach...if anyone knowx how to get off painkillets without methadone..i would appreciate any suggeztions

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