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Since my pharmacy switched to Solco as the supplier of my Wellbutrin I have had all the symptoms, for which I was taking Wellbutrin, return. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

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Hello, Deb0724! How are you?

As set forth in the Hatch-Waxman Act of 1984, there can be fluctuations in the amount of active ingredients in generic medications, they are allowed to differ from the name brands by as much as plus or minus 20% and they only have to measure against the name brand, not other generics. Thus, it is highly possible that one may have a little more of the active ingredient, while a different one may be slightly lower.

Can anyone else that's taken the one from Solco chime in with their experience?

The FDA lists the typical side effects of this medication as possibly including nausea, dizziness, dry mouth and nervousness.

It sounds like this one might be low in the active ingredient.

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My Solco generic Wellbutrin buproprion 150 mg pills are either ineffective or worse - how would I know? In either case I feel bad enough that I must now start the awful process of going off them completely. I live in WA state. If I felt up to fighting my insurance company to get the brand name approved even with the doctor writing "DAW" and going thru the whole prior authorization, I wouldn't need an antidepressant in the first place.

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I have also experienced a reduced effectiveness of the medication since my pharmacy switched to the Solco generic form of Wellbutrin. I called the pharmacy and asked them to switch back to Mylan. And if you research Solco, you will see they are only a distributor, even their parent company doesn't seem to be a manufacturer, so there is no way to tell who/where the drug was really manufactured. All the key players in the company and the parent company appear to possibly be Chinese so I suspect it is manufactured in China, but I can't find that information.

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So glad to finally see other's reviews/concerns over the Solco generic. Walgreen's has switched my manufacturer for buproprion SR 150 mg four times now, never once notifying me. This last time they switched to Solco, and it didn't take long for me to notice how ineffective, and at times detrimental, it was for my health. No energy, extreme mood swings, and less motivation on a daily basis than when not taking it. These negative effects were only compounded by my inability to find any information on the manufacturer or other people's experiences online. Needless to say, I asked Walgreen's to order Mylan for me and went off the Solco pills completely; I'd rather not take anything than take those. Currently going through the pulling teeth process of getting the actual Wellbutrin brand after trying all the generics, because while Mylan isn't causing obvious harmful side effects, it's not clear to me that it's improving any symptons either.

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So good to know I'm not crazy. I had trouble years ago and finally found a pharmacy that used Watson and have had no trouble for 8 years. A month ago they switched to Solco. They told me it was the same. I noticed a difference almost right away but didn't want to be seen as a nut case so just told myself to chill and everything would level out. It has been almost a month now and I am more depressed and irratable than ever! Today I can't stop crying so I will be calling my dr Monday.

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I've been taking bupropion (blue pill) for almost 5 years now. Two months ago I was given a prescription for Solco SR200mg. After I lost my insurance my pharmacist said not to worry but the color of my Bupropion had changed from blue to pink. In the past two months I have noticed my behavior change so radically. Crying spells anger outbursts, sadness and major irritability plus nausea and body aches. After reading this information posted by so many of you I've decided to call my doctor in the morning first thing, tell him about this change and look at what other options might be. I think this change in my prescription has made a huge difference in my well-being for the worse.

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From their web page "Our products are manufactured in state-of-the-art GMP facilities in China using the highest quality assurance standards that meet the FDA regulatory requirements. Solco is an award-winning supplier in the generic industry for its supply excellence. Solco is a fully owned subsidiary of Prinston Pharmaceutical Inc. Together we strive to offer greater access to affordable medications that you can trust."

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Glad I found this thread! I take wellbutrin sr 150mg for nerve pain, and I know what it feels like without it! About a week after the pharmacy switched to Solco, ALL the pain was back! I was actually reconsidering a refill and thought I'd look for people with the same problem. Now, I'm calling the pharmacy to switch it back and possibly my doctor for a dispense as written order!

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I have taken wellbutrin for 15 years. Walgreens switched to Solco wellbutrin recently. I too have felt foggy, tired, "out of it" and unmotivated. I need to find out how to make a complaint regarding this generic. In the past Mylan worked well, so I will be asking for it instead. Anything but Solco.

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Absolutely and my Dr refuses to listen to what I'm saying and I am a nurse of 17 years. Since when does the govt or anyone have the right to tell me what to take..not give people options or tell me whats right for me? I as a nurse have always been taught "if a patient is feeling something who are you to say whether it's true or not?" Not to mention paying unbelievably high costs for health insurance which now insures what .....death... illness..paying and keeping these companies open. We should all unite and stop this madness, put these hitler companies out of business.

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The exact same thing happened to me. Walgreens switched my Wellbutrin for Solco and after a few weeks I thought I was losing my mind. I finally woke up in the middle of the night and realized: It's as if I'm not taking anything for my depression! It's my prescription. I called Walgreens and sure enough, Solco was the prescription that wasn't a prescription. Felt utterly betrayed by Walgreens. There really should be some medically sound standard to follow that doesn't jeopardize patients' health and well being to make a profit!

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Sure stick up for the Chinese! Solco sucks and everyone knows it. Call those foreigners in China and tell them to increase the active ingredient. I kno about the 30% rule

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I just started Bupropion sr on 08/30/2017 (mfg: Solco). It makes me sick. My stomach is very upset. I will talk with my doctor as soon as I can. I was talking 300 xl once a day. The doctor said this might be better. I hate generics!!

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Re: KAREN (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

I just started mine today. Manufacturer solco. All these bad reviews scares me I had been on Actavis 300mg Xl my doctor switched me to this because I've been super tired, unmotivated and foggy on the 300.

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THIS IS THE SAME EXACT SITUATION I have experienced recently. I am flabbergasted. Livid. Dumbfounded, I mean good God almighty great mother of pearl this 527 S pink round generic is garbage. A sugar pill. I had been great taking sandoz for a year or two. Publix randomly switched to this horrid s***. I didn't even think about the change up. So I didn't go into this biased. I just took it as usual. Well the difference is night and day. There is absolutely NO DOUBT that this "bupropion" is nothing but pure nothing. Nothing but a pink circle filled with zero inactives, just 100 percent composed of pointless fillers. This is unacceptable. This is disgusting and to insult the people's intelligence by pretending that this is the same? Okay no. And again, I didnt even think twice about the generic manufacturer of the Wellbutrin I was talking untill I took a closer look, as I wondered why did everything come back? Why are the intended effects no longer working?!

Sorry for my grammar mistakes, this tablet is still different than I'm used to typing on. I need to include one more fact to this: I had some of the previous ones I'd been taking leftover from some time ago. After I started wondering why my depression came crashing back down on me, I figured I'd take the sandoz pill instead. Although the outcome wasn't healthy - I stayed up ALL NIGHT by accident. Each time I took the leftover sandoz pills, I actually had a little insomnia for the first time in years. That is a blessing to me because I'm always tired. I never have any problems going to sleep.

So although I shouldn't have taken the leftover sandoz pills in the evening, I was able to truly test the differences. When I had to go back to the junk pill, I fell asleep, and have not had ANY true bupropion relief of symptoms I had prior.

Again, I don't normally write this sloppy. I just am in a hurry but also I'm ANGRY! All of the previously mentioned differences has solidified my worry into a fact that is undeniable. I know everyone is different. I also acknowledge that this is strictly anecdotal evidence of this tragedy. But best believe I'm reporting to the FDA. My little voice will not be heard, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE REPORT THIS OR ANYTHING SIMILAR to the FDA when you just know there is an issue regarding the lack of equivalency for any type of medication changes.

I'm stuck with a 90 day supply of this pure garbage, and I am hoping my doctor will write a slightly different MG of it in order to be able to fill it- with actual bupropion.

I desperately wish I did not have to take medicine. But the reality is that I do. And for these greedy *****s to literally put some people in danger is deplorable. What happens if someone who has suicidal thoughts surface because they basically have stopped taking true real bupropion? What if that causes someone suffering enough as it is to think their Wellbutrin has simply stopped working? That could absolutely cause someone to lose ALL HOPE that they will ever find a medication that can help them consistently - what if they lose all hope and take their life?

Of course this horrid fake medication has the black box warning, so this manufacturer will continue to put out basically fake bupropion, UNLESS EVERY SINGLE PERSON THAT IS EXPERIENCING the same thing speaks out!!! I mean no offense towards China, but the manufacturing company is based in China and the actual name of the company is a Chinese name I cannot pronounce. I don't mean anything negative bc it's from China, I simply can't imagine how much quality inspection is occurring in this China-based manufacturer. Solco is the distributor.

Please reply if you have experienced similar!

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I had been taking Sandoz Bupropion SR 100mg. My last refill was manufactured by Solco. The pill was also round and blue, but a lighter blue than the Sandoz. I noticed an immediate difference. I was leaving for an out of town trip and the pharmacy only had a few of the Sandoz pills in stock. I paid out of pocket for enough to cover my time away. When I returned I gave the Solco brand another try and again noticed an immediate difference. Brain fog, fatigue, depressed mood, none of which I was experiencing while taking the Sandoz brand. I won't take the Solco brand again.

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I took the solco sr 100. Palpitatons like skipped heartbeats, brain fog, ruminating and insomnia. JUNK!

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Hey people.. Wake up smell the coffee. It's your doctor or insurance checking to see if you are really taking the pills or if you still need to take the pills.

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Walgreens switched my generic wellbutrin to solco 4 the past 3 months. I saw my psych nurse practitioner and I had completely reversed my stability to depression. She said there have been numerous complaints about Solco. Mylan will be gone from Walgreens as all are using only Solco now. What a disgrace! Walgreens, another big conglomerate, can get away with this...giving cheaper brands although there have numerous complaints & setbacks 4 depression.

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Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I just ended up in the ER from the solco brand. Watch out! And ya it didn’t do anything regarding the active component

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Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I've been prescribed bupropion sr 150 about 2 years ago, no real problems. While out of state I got a refill manufactured by SOLCO, never thought anything about it. Within a week I started getting canker sores. Didn't put two and two together, but I have jad these sores for 8 weeks now. I had 14 of the old tablets manufactured by Sciegen Pharmaceuticals, my original pills. Started 3 days ago and my canker sores are nearly healed. Maybe a coincidence?

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Re: canbro (# 19) Expand Referenced Message

Check out Honeybee Health. It is an online pharmacy that offers different manufactures at reasonable prices.

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I have only taken SOLCO and it seems ineffective.

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Re: Leigh (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

You have the president to thank for China made drugs.
Don't trust medicine made in China.

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Re: Concerned (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I will never trust food and medicine from China.

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Re: Sally (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

That's the problem with the autocratic US government letting private industry get whatever they want. Profit, profit, profit. And pay no taxes while you're at it.
Solco Healthcare medicine is China made. They counterfeit just about anything worth money. Enough said...

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It's made in China. They are known for counterfeiting just about anything that's worth money.
Personally I don't trust food and medicine made in China.

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