1 Tablespoon Of Hydrocodone Bitartrate And Acetaminophen Oral Solution Equals 15 Milliliters 5 What Measurment


If one Tablespoon hydrocodone Bitartrate and Acetaminophen oral solution is 15 milliliters, what mearurment is 5 milliliters?

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5 mls equals a teaspoon.

If you're looking for a dosage conversion, however, I cannot help you, since you didn't say what dosage it was.

Can you post back with more information?


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Is s dose of hydrocodone bitarate cough syrup at 5ml. The same as a 7.5 325 hydrocodone tablet? What is the comparison in the two doses?

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Granny, the amount in each 5 ml is listed on the bottle. It can be 5 mg, 7.5 mg or 10 mg hydrocodone. The amount of acetaminphen in each 5 ml is listed next to it.

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When used as an antitussive then there is NO acetaminophen mixed with Hydrocodone. Only as synergistic addition for mild analgesia. The U.S. tablets contain sometimes up to 12 times the amount of acetaminophen required, which is 65mg per 15mg Hydrocodone. Adding more does not increase potency one bit, only makes the pills more dangerous as acetaminophen is extremely hepatotoxic.

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My son had surgery last week was given hydrocodone acetaminophen 7. 5-325mg sol boc quality 84 take 3ml every 6 hrs. Well I think I have sticky fingers in my home and I need to know the exact ml he was given in bottle so I can do calculations and second is there has nothing showing 15 ml equalling to one pill. Because if 15 ml equals one and he has quality of 84 then he would need a much bigger bottle then the 3oz they gave him.

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