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Immunosuppression is a reduction of the activation or efficacy of the immune system. Some portions of the immune system itself have immunosuppressive effects on other parts of the immune system, and immunosuppression may occur as an adverse reaction to treatment of other conditions. In general, deliberately induced immunosuppression is performed to prevent the body from rejecting an organ transplant. Additionally, it is used for treating graft-versus-host disease after a bone marrow transplan...

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Xeljanz Cream - Scared to Start!

Hi. I'm prescribed Xeljanz cream, 11 mg once per day. My blood pressure at my visit with the rheumatologist was 196/70. It always runs super high during visits especially. I do take Atenolol 100 mg twice a day. I’m 69 with RA. We’ve tried several drugs that caused other issues. I was then started on HUMIRA for 6 months with no improvement. My next appointment with my regular pcp is next month. Wondering if I should wait to see if my blood pressure is getting better before starting? So sorry this is so long. Thanks for listening! ## Xeljanz has been known to cause high blood pressure as a side effect, along with nausea, diarrhea, and anemia. Ref: Xeljanz Information What are you blood pressure readings at home? Are they always high, or are they only that high, when you...

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humira not working

I have been on humira for 14 months along with mtx. I have yet to see any improvement. I feel like I'm getting worse actually. I use a cane to walk. My elbow & knees hurt so bad to touch the bed to sleep. It keeps me awake at night. I am relying on ibp & oxycodone every 6 hrs to try & move. I have an appointment with my rheumatologist in 2 weeks &hoping for a change in medication. I assume I should have seen some relief by now. Anyone else take it so long without relief? ## Hello, Lisa! How are you doing? I'm sorry that you're in so much pain. Yes, I think that after 14 months, if there's no improvement, it is time to move on and try something else. Can anyone that's been on it chime in with their experiences? The FDA lists the typical side effects of...

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Humira emotional side effects

My boyfriend is on Humira and has just had his second jab, the instant he took it he has been a different person. The kind, gentle, sweet man I knew seems to be gone. He's constantly angry, he has no desire for me in any way, he's emotionally distant. In a rare normal moment he told me he feels empty, unmotivated and angry and hates himself because of it. What can I do? I hate seeing him like this. What can we do? ## It would be best if he consulted his doctor as they may need to conduct some medical exams. While they are very rare, this medication has been known to cause some cerebrovascular accidents, which may cause permanent damage, if left untreated, according to the U.S. FDA. These medications can be unpredictable, so it is always better to err on the side of caution. Has ...

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Humira cancer risk is real

Humira gave my mom lung cancer. She was not a smoker and it was the only drug she was on. She died. Don't take this drug. ## Sorry to hear about what happened with your mom. My condolences for your loss. Thank you though for providing a warning to others about humira. Based on my own research I wouldn't doubt that humira could be a dangerous drug. Especially considering that it's classified as being Immunosuppressive. This means that humira can reduce the activation or efficacy of the immune system, which may open the door for things like cancer and other potentially serious illnesses. Having said that, I feel like humira is a threat to one's ability to recover. Hopefully other readers here will discuss these concerns with their doctor before giving humira a second thoug...

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anal stenosis and humira

I have anal stenosis along with crohns and the dr's are wanting me to go on humira. I was wondering if any one else is taking humira for this issue and what are the results. It's either this or more surgery. ## i have been on humira bi-weekly for 6 2 ops.only meds to have agreed with me. ## It is always best to follow your doctor's advice in order to assure the best outcome. You can learn more about anal stenosis here. The FDA warns that Humira may cause side effects, such as nausea, headache, back pain, and administration site reactions. Ref: Humira Information Are you on any other medications?

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Humira and the Immune System

I have been on Humira for over 6 years for my UC. Humira has made the quality of my life amazing and I am now in remission. In the last year or so I am catching every cold or flu I come across. Now the quality of my life is on the down fall. Anyone else that has been on Humira for a long time experiencing the same thing? ## The FDA does warn that people treated with Humira may catch various infections more easily than usual. Ref: Humira Information, and warnings. Our bodies also change with time, so it is always possible to start experiencing side effects that you haven't experienced before. The FDA lists other side effects as possibly including administration site reaction, nausea, abdominal pain, headache, and rash. Have you consulted your doctor to make them aware of this issue? ...

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IBS caused by Xeljanz?

I am 67 and have been taking Xeljanz for about 2 years. I have RA and ulcerative colitis. My UC has been in remission for about 7 years. I have been having what my GI doctor thinks is IBS. I have been nearly debilitated by lower abdominal pain. Taking dicyclomine 4 times a day helps somewhat. Has anyone else developed IBS after starting or after taking Xeljanz for a period of time? I saw there currently is a study showing an increased incidence of IBS in people, especially women over the age of 60, who are taking Xeljanz.

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Ocrevus - Burning skin sensation

Has anyone experienced a burning skin sensation from Ocrevus? For me, it is occurring in my back and buttocks. It is worse when I press up against any surface; sitting, laying, driving make it feel worse. Seems as though these symptoms started right around the time I started Ocrevus. ## It is possible that this is due to a side effect of the Ocrevus, it has been known to cause various types of pain, in some people, as well as depression, cough, skin infections, and peripheral edema. However, there is also a chance that it is a symptom of your medical condition, so it would be best to speak to your doctor to be sure. Are you on any other medications? ## I have. I had my infusion yesterday and later in the day the burning sensation began on my feet as well as the palms of my hands. Today ...

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side effects for Humira

I just started Humira in the last 2 weeks and I feel like my allergies are going nuts. My whole body is swelling. After reading some of your side effects this is somewhat normal. Does the swelling of legs, face, etc. go away? I went to the general practitioner to get something for my allergies. She seems to think its my body reacting to the Humira. ## Hello, Mic! How are you? I'm very sorry about the problem that you're having. That could be the sign of an allergic reaction to it. It should go away, in a few weeks, however, it most likely means that you shouldn't continue with Humira, as such reactions tend to worsen with repeated exposure. Other side effects, as listed by the FDA, may include dizziness, joint aches, headache, confusion and arthritis. Is there anything else ...

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Humira helped my Colitis and AS

I have been taking Humira now for over 10 years. I have experienced almost every side effect that has been mentioned here. The thing is this drug saved my life. I almost did not make it out of the hospital when Crohn's flared up. It was very touch and go. When I was released I met a great Rheumatologist and she suggested Humira. She explained to me my risk of cancer and other side effects but because steroids did not work for me I felt I had no choice. Glad I did. Dealing with side effects of drugs is not fun. Some have worse than others I feel for you. For me I fight through them as the alternative is not good. This drug is not for everyone and we all have to make our own choices so to all good luck. Both my colitis and AS are in remission with no flare ups since Humira. ## Thank y...

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