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Insecticides are pesticides used to kill insects. They include ovicides and larvicides used against insect eggs and larvae, respectively. Acaricides, which kill mites and ticks, are not strictly insecticides, but are usually classified together with insecticides. The major use of Insecticides is agriculture, but they are also used in home and garden, industrial buildings, vector control and control of insect parasites of animals and humans. Insecticides are claimed to be a major factor behind...

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where can i find borofax especially for the treatment of fungal skin infections

Borofax was one of the best topical ointments for topical yeast infections. It was skin loving, pleasantly scented, and instantly effective. I would love for it to be available again. It was first recommended to me by nurse practitioners in the 1980's. I am distressed that it is no longer available. ## Hello, Jessica! How are you? If you live near a compounding pharmacy, they may custom make it for you, but it's likely to be expensive. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I also would like to get some original borafax. How do I get it.

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cilift withdrawal symptoms and what to do

I feel i am going mad! The only way I can explain how I feel is to say that it feels like vertigo - when you go over a very high bridge or look down from a very tall building. This wave comes from nowhere causing a momentary blackness, my arms go numb from my elbows to my hands and my feet do the same, I then get this awful feeling of butterflies in my chest and stomach. After a while it passes but it certainly doesn't seem to be going anywhere fast. How long will this go on? I am on Homeopathic treatment at moment. ## It really varies, depending on how much you were taking and for how long. The average is usually about a week. ## Yip, I know exactly what you're going through. The last time I went off it, it lasted for about two weeks. I'm now on day 5 again. ## My husband i...

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Chlor Clean Side Effects

We are using chlor-clean in hospital for all cleans not just vre. Numerous staff have complained of swelling to their faces rashes and burning sensation to their lungs. Has anyone else had issues with this substance? ## yes, in the hospital where I work many cleaning staff are also suffering from headaches and sickness due to using chlor clean tablets ## Information that i've gathered indicates that Chlor-Clean has an "Acute Hazard Warning Label" that is marked as "level 1" -aka- containing highly toxic substance(s). The U.S. EPA gives a warning label of Category 1 to the most acutely toxic pesticide products and Category 4 to the least acutely toxic pesticide products. The U.S. EPA (1) restricts use of some pesticide products because they are acutely toxic to humans...

where can i buy borofax

where can i buy borofax? ## I used to use Borofax on my daughter,,,my mother used it on us! It is really hard to find it now,,but I have found that the "maximum strength" Desitin works very well! You have to be sure to get the thick white ointment and not the greasy one,,,good luck! ## Cvs pharmacy you have to ask for it they might have to order ## Hello, Unfortunately there is no way to really track down specifically where you can purchase Burofax without knowing what area you live in which is information you should not be posting. What you can do is check the websites for some of your local big chain stores and pharmacies (Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Target etc.) and see if you can find one that stocks it in your area. This should save you the trouble of driving around to each lo...

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Was this a government decision

I never had a problem using Borofax ointment for nasal dryness. Actually, this opened my sinuses when I had a head cold. ## Hello, Regina! How are you? I'm sorry, but what decision are you asking about? Can you please post back and clarify? Thanks! ## Hello! How are you this morning? According to the *****s at the FDA, Borofax did not work. I informed them that if they were incorrect and I have noticed that the FDA always managed to do away with products that actually treated certain medical conditions that it was created to solve. To date no response.

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Borofax Availability

I use to buy Borofax as a diaper rash cream and I can no longer find it. Can you let me know where I can get it? ## I just ask a pharmacist this afternoon and they checked and said it was discontinued! They guessed that if I found a store that still had any it might cost as much as $20! My Mom and I are going to look in any store we can to find some...that stuff is great! ## I loved this product. But apparently it is not longer made. You can have it custom made for you by a local compounding pharmacist - ask your doctor. It is a 5% boric acid/lanolin mix. I am asking my doctor to create it for me to treat recurring yeast infection! ## My mom used borofax to heal sore noses when having a cold - it worked overnight ! I am still looking for it. Burroughs Wellcome used to be the manufacture...

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Sodium Tetraborate Information and Safety

What are the dangers of Sodium Tetraborate? Is it harmful if swallowed by a toddler of 11 months? Do I need to call poison control? ## According to wikipedia, Sodium Tetraborate is depicted as a mineral of boric acid. They go on to state that, "sodium tetraborate decahydrate, according to one study, is not acutely toxic, meaning that a significant dose of the chemical is needed to cause severe symptoms or death." Having said that, when it comes to toddlers it's certainly never a bad idea to contact poison control [1-800-222-1222] for a second opinion as well as an appropriate course of action if deemed necessary. How has the little one been doing lately? Very well, I hope! :)

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Hello, Where can i fill a prescription for that medication? I have a prescription by my doctor but my pharmacy does not have it in stock. Thanks. ## Hi Maria, I looked up the NDC you provided for "Hylafem Boricum Acidum 2x" on MedsChat's National Drug Code database (52747-250) and it comes up with the active ingredient being "Boric Acid" at a dosage strength of "2 [hp_X]/1" - Perhaps a chemist at a compounding pharmacy would be able to work with that information (given that you have a prescription)? They may be your best bet if regular large chain stores don't carry what you're looking for. Hope this helps! ## My pharmacy had to order it and only took 48 hours to receive it.

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Cleaning Vegetables And Fruits

Dear Sir, I would like to know why we are always advised NOT to clean fruits and vegetables with SOAP ,only with water ....since water alone does not remove toxicity and pesticide. Regards I ## Because the soap may be toxic itself, it could be hard to remove and if there is a small break in the skin of the product being washed, it may even get inside of it, thus you'd end up ingesting some of the soap. Learn more produce details here. If you are concerned about how clean they are, then you might want to consider buying organic produce. They also sell products that are made to clean your produce items and be safe to use. Are there any other questions or comments? ## When u want to clean ur fruits use vinegar make ur sink full of water put l and half teaspoons of vinegar Then put ur f...

MITE be scabies

I have been to 4 different doctors, 2 being dermatologist. All seem to think I have scabies. I have done 2 different regiments of Permethrin 5pct. And 3 rounds of Ivermectin 15mg body weight of 180lbs. Now one year into treatments and problem seems even worse. I am now getting bites on my face area usually two at a time at random places on the facial and neck area. It needs to be noted that these areas are easier to kill the mite or whatever it is but chemical burns from the Permethrin appear before the mize of the mite. My understanding is that scabie mite do not effect adults from neck up??? I do not like to question Doctors, but this has gone on long enough and my wife who sleeps with me has not shown the first sign of infestation(thank goodness). Any clarifying comment would be appr...

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