What Does Oxycodone Look Like Show The Pill


little white pill on one side has a line and on other side has a box with a m in it

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let me no what this pill is little white has a line down one side and a box with a m in it on the other side

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Freind thinks she has wrong medication

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I am still trying to find out about the 10mg morphine, CAN it melt in your mouth and is it possible someone scraped the coating off so that this would happen?

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Still waiting on replys does anyone have answer(s)

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As to the tablet with boxed M on it, are there any other markings, such as numbers on it?

There is a company that uses the logo of an M in a box, but they also have other numbers on their tablets and I would need that information in order to identify it.

As a pill that melts in someone's mouth, are you sure that wasn't Methadone?

There is a Methadone tablet that's made to dissolve under the tongue and it is 10mgs.

Learn more Methadone details here.

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What kind is pill is round and white. It has 5852 on one side. On the other side it has a line going down the middle. On the left side of the line is what looks like an hourglass and on the right side of the line is 20

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white 20mg supeudol line through middle v with20 on one side looks like s on either side of line

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No it will no melt in your mouth do to the coating on it

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