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I had the same doctoe for more than five years. He prescribed me Addeall, Xanex and Suboxone.I am hard pressed to find another doctor to prescribe me than same medications to say nothing of the dose. He however retiered and I am hard pressed to find a doctor to prescreibe me the same medications to say nothing of the doseage. I live in Scranton,Pa. If anyone can help me out I would be eternally grateful.

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Any info on subutex Dr's in the Indy area who accept pregnant women?

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Sounds like a deadly combination! No suboxone doctor I know of will allow you to take benzos on suboxone. It is a very serious drug interaction. They could and should lose their license if they were to prescribe you such a fatal combination! I pray you find a doctor to help you. Please, I beg of you not to mix those drugs! Nothing good can come of it. Best wishes

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One of the problems with Internet postings etc is that people who are not professional often provide misinformation and those reading are very vulnerable and unknowingly make decisions based on incorrect advice, at times dangerous recommendations. Although this posting is not dangerous, it is an example of ignorant information. I would like to know where this person came upon her knowledge of medications etc. I am a medical professional. Caution is necessary when prescribing any mood altering substance to an addict, but Suboxone and benzos is not a deadly combination. In fact, many detox facilities prescribe Valium along with Subooxone the first few days of treatment.

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Geez, I am not ignorant. This came from my doctor's mouth not mine. I'm also not a her. It's been my experience that prescribing Suboxone most definitely means you struggle from drug addiction. I will never believe that it's a good idea to hand a addict a bottle of Adderall, Any Benzo and Suboxone. I'm sorry if that offends you! As I was saying it is dangerous. Your speed balling, your heart could stop! My doctor won't prescribe Benzo on Suboxone for the drug interaction. They may give a Benzo in the beginning of treatment then that's that! I never post to upset anyone. I wish everyone the best! Addiction is tough! I believe sometimes one person can say one thing to wake someone else up or help them on their recovery! I truly believe if the DEA reads these posts and sees a doctor's name prescribing all three of those to a addict that they would investigate that doctor! With that being said, I truly wish everyone the best in their recovery!

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Looking for a Suboxone doctors that accept medwise insurance in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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I need a doctor that will prescribe Suboxone in riverside county that accepts Medicaid.

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I would like to get on subutex and get off pain meds, but I only have Medicaid. Can you give me a list of prescribing Drs in Madison County, AL?

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That going to be hard getting all that medicine from Suboxone.You can go to mental health Dr and get other meds.

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Is there a Suboxone Dr in nj that doesn't charge Horizon NJ Health Medicaid patients with a cash payment? My insurance company covers the rx and I need a Dr asap. My last Dr literally abandoned me as of today because I didn't have money. It was unethical and against the Dr's oath.

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I want to find a Dr around a 50 mile radius from Jasper, Tx that takes Medicaid and can give suboxone. Can anyone help?

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Benzos and opioids can be deadly. Suboxone has a ceiling around 16 mg, plus it blocks the effects from taking other opioids. It's not even close to using benzos with other opioids. I've been on a taper on klonopin for 2 yrs getting close to finishing and my Dr died, and I need a new script to finish but they steer away which is stupid because suboxone has a ceiling. I have no history of abuse and my klonopin is getting to the end, but all this opioid fear keeps Drs from looking at specific situations causing benzos withdrawal and u start heading backwards. There needs to be cautions. But some common sense too. I could have been off benzos 4 weeks ago but three doctors who knew nothing about tapering correctly rejected me and left me hanging and desperate. They need training in tapering correctly through compound pharmacy liquid and % to drop weekly. It's not rocket science. Drs EGOS can't feel and they know nothing about how to write a script. Point of return can show the appropriate possible comfortable way to titrate from benzos and antidepressants.

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I’m in the same boat. My doctor retired and had me on the exact same drugs. I live in Michigan and am having a really hard time finding someone to prescribe to me too.

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Well my friends is in same boat. His Dr was giving him suboxone and his adderall for his adhd.for pass 10 yrs. His Dr recently passed away.

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I'm in the same exact boat. My doctor retired and I live in Michigan too. I was on suboxone Xanax and Adderall. He was out of Wyandotte Michigan. Maybe you and I were seeing the same doctor. Lol what are the chances. Anyway if you have had any luck finding a doctor please let me know. I could use some help. Thanks

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I heard of methadone and benzodiazepines are a deadly combo. But I know people get subs and adderal

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Actually yes..u are not suppose to mix benzos with Suboxone..I am a healthcare professional by the way..alot of the "dirty doctors" do it though. Look it up hun, def not suppose to mix the two

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I agree I have been trying to get a suboxone dr for 3yrs that 1. Takes my ins Missouri Medicaid and 2. Will prescribe it to me with me being on Adderall for 15yrs for Narcolepsy. I went to one facility and they take my ins and it's a walk in to do outpatient medication assisted treatment so I go at 8am and we drive 45mins away and I get there and there is 3 people ahead of me the intake guy comes out and says who is here for outpatient services? We all raise our hands and It was myself and another woman and 2 guys and the girl had an appointment how idk! But the guys where told that they could wait around til he got done with her intake first then he had an appointment coming in and then me and if he got done with my intake and his next appointment was there then they wouldn't be seen that day probably because he would be in taking her and the day would be over so he turned them away! I was shocked! They were there before me! But I have ins and I believe they didnt which it should not be like that! But I stayed and did my intake and sat with another person and got my diagnosis of opioid dependency and ptsd then sat in the lobby with another girl as we both slept sitting up with our heads leaned against the wall cuz we felt like s*** because you need to be detoxing when u get on subs. So I sat and sat 2pm rolls around finally my doctors appointment and I go downstairs to see him and sat in waiting room for 50mins then seen the nurse and she tells me that the doctor should be calling anytime that I can go across the hall to the family room and lay down and she gave me a brown bag lunch that was leftover from an inpatient intake patient that didnt show.

So I go eat and passed out I wake up at 4:40 to her saying my name the doctor will see u now so we walk in the office and he is on a computer screen! Not even In person so we go over my years of abusing opiates and my ua results then he says so u have narcolepsy? Who is your neurologist? I tell him and that I've been seeing her for 20yrs he says how long you been on Adderall I said 15yrs he says well I cant prescribed you suboxone while on Adderall!! WHAT?? He says I'm not making you stop taking it I just cant give it to you because it's a scheduled class medication. I can speak with your doctor with your consent and then we can go from there after I start crying and said I will stop taking it I just want suboxone! So we close out the screen and the nurse says I know you feel defeated right now! I'm like can I go? I got up and left that place so pissed off! So I talked to my neurologist and she says its fine to take them both I said I know because I have been for 3yrs majority of the time but I buy them from the streets so I get another appointment and the nurse calls me the morning of to inform me that he still doesnt feel comfortable prescribing me the suboxone with adderall! And she didnt want me to waste a trip there. I am so sick in tired of suboxone being harder to get than heroin or oxy! It's stupid and I don't have no 400 cash to go to the many suboxone doctors that I know will prescribe me it on Adderall because they are about money not helping addicts!

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I need to find a doctor in Buffalo New York that will accept Medicaid for prescribing Suboxone. please help!

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Which medicaid provider pays for suboxone film?

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When you're pregnant and on Suboxone, its mandatory for your OBGYN to immediately switch you to Subutex. The Naloxone blocker in Suboxone is not good for a developing fetus. 95% of doctors refuse to prescribe Subutex because they claim it has a "higher abuse potential." That is an actual answer that I've received more than once. But as long as you're pregnant, you will absolutely be switched to Subutex immediately.

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Wellcare always does. Doesn't matter whether its the strips or the pills. Its always paid 100% of the cost with zero copay.

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