Spasmo-urolong For Treatment Of Urinary Tract Discomfort


a pink coated pill I was given at a pharmecia in Panama in a small town....for the relief of urinary tract pain. Is it an anti-biotic? It works GREAT! Wonder if it is available in U.S.

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It contains the antibiotic Nitrofurantoin.

Some of the most common side effects include: nausea, drowsiness, diarrhea and skin rash.


Did it help alleviate your symptoms?

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As of today i started to pee with blood. No pain whatsoever, except for a burning feeling just as i'm about to finish peeing.
I just took Spasmo-Urolong a few min ago. Will this work for my Urinary track infection?

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How I get spasmo-urolong here in USA becuase that it is the best for urine tract infecction I get in my trip to Panama and it is the best!!

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Well i live in panama if you can send me a e-mail i can send you some , with pleasure i have been drinking the same table and works


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Siendo mi esposa una persona de 77 años con diabetes Mellitus, Alzheimer. con fractura de cadera y problemas de infección urinaria por uso prolongado de sonda foley, el médico le ha recetado nitrofurantoina después de hacerle un urocultivo. Ella se moviliza en silla de ruedas o está acostada. ¿Debo esperar reacciones adversas?

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I am taking this treatment right now since a week ago, doctor prescribe that for the same symptoms, and let me tell you it is working magic so far i still got like 3 more pills to go and i am feeling better.

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I have blood in my urine. No pain, just blood when I urinate. What might be the problem? Can I take Spasmo Urolong for this?

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