Small Blue Pill No Markings White Inside Very Bitter


Small round light blue pill. No markings, smooth on both sides, white on the inside, and very bitter.

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It sounds like a generic version of zopiclone. If it makes you sleepy then I'd say for sure it is. I've had similar pills for my zopiclone prescription

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What is a blue pill with no number or letters, just scored on one side?

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yes sounds like the Zop "zopiclone" from HAB , but it round with a score down the center of one side, , quite big pills almost like a X2 "Iktorivil" swedish Klonazepam

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Hello Ashley,

A pill that doesn't have any markings on it is more than likely not a prescription medication. It could be some sort of over the counter product or a vitamin/supplement but without having any imprints it would be near impossible for anyone on the internet to give you an accurate answer. Anything answers you receive from us would simply be a guess at best. The reason I know it's not a prescription medication is because the FDA requires that all controlled medication be identifiable by it's physical appearance to include an imprint/marking.

If you are dead set on identifying the pill then you can always send one into a pill analyzer, which can be found online, for a small fee. Another option would be to take it into a nearby pharmacy and see if they have the capability of analyzing it's contents for you. If you would rather not go through all that effort you can simply just take the pills to your nearest drug drop off which will be located at most hospitals and pharmacies.

I hope this info helps and you have a great day.

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