Slimex 10mg Capsules Slimming Capsules Redand White


hi iam using these casules for 2 years and lost weight these capsules containsibutramine hydrochloride monhydrate now i feel iam getting anxiety attacks hullicinations palpitations do u think that all these r the affter effects of these capsules i take 3 capsules everyday i need asap answer thank u

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Hi i was a 70kg i have been using slimex capsules for 3 months. I am now slim. I am 45 kg now. I took one capsule per day. No side effects.

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those of you who are taking more then 1 slimex 10mg capsules per day please stop.Once a day is enough. I am taking 1 capsule a day and I do not have side effects.

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I have lost weight using slimex 10mg. I take 1 capsule a day, I watch what I eat and along with excerise you bound to lose it.

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Where can i buy slimex??

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Waar in Suid Afrika kan n mens Slimex koop?

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Hi. Please let me know where I can find these? Thanks

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Hallo - het jy moontlik 'n antwoord ontvang waar mens Slimex in SA kan koop? baie dankie

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