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My wife has been advised to take regestrone 5 mg for 5 days from 18/2, her period is due on 23/02. We are married since 3 years trying to have a baby. Please advise how the use of this medicine helps?

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Regestrone is sometimes used to help with ovulation, so she produces an egg to aid in getting pregnant.

I am assuming that is why she was only on it for 5 days, rather than staying on it continuously.

Is there anything else I can help you with?

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my gynec has advised to take the medcine (Regrestrone) for 21 days to stop the bleeding and after 2 days i will getmy regular periods is there any side effects ? is this is steriod type?

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No, this is not a steroid, Pumba, this is a hormone tablet. The active ingredient is Norethindrone.

Side effects can include: nausea, breakthrough bleeding, cramping and weight gain.

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Is there anything else I can help you with?

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I was prescribed Regesrne 5 mg daily for combating symptoms sugetsing endometriosis, I have taken it for 30 days, but all my painful symptoms are controlled. I want to know if its is possible to get pregnant while being on it continuously, My doctor told to take it continuously for treatment of endometriosis. I want to get pregnant.

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my doctor advice me to take regrestron
for 3 cycle but i want to know that is possible to concieve while taking these pills and is there any side effect for baby?

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I havebeen having irregular periods.Many times the bleeding doesnot stop.
This time also I experienced the same problem I consulted a doctor.
The gynaec had prescribed the following tablets :

Pause MF ( for stopping the bleeding) -- 3 times for 3 days
Regestrone 5mg -- 1 time for 3 weeks

Within 2 days of taking the above tablets my bleeding had stopped.
After 1 week I started getting brown discharge.
The brown discharge continued even while taking Regestrone .
During my 3rd week along with the brown blood there was also 2 or 3 drops of red blood(similar to the one we get during periods).

I also have a severe stomach pain along with this.
Even after getting brown discharge and some drops of blood I havenot stopped regestrone.

The brown discharge and the blood has not stopped yet.

I read from some of the medical sites that there may be missed periods, spotting, headaches,
nausea and severe stomach pain.

When I was taking the tablets I was having nausea and headache.

Does this mean that the brown discharge and the drops of blood are side effects?
Or does this mean that I have started getting my periods?

Please let me know whether I can continue Regestrone or should I stop it.


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Hi, I have not been in touch since 1yr as in intercourse, weeks back got in touch on 23/12/2010, i am protected with CopperT. My cycle date is on 5/1/2011. it is been 7days delay, went to doctor to get a suggestion she is given me a tablet called Regestrone sandoz 5mg.
Is it safe because i dont want to get pregnant or suggest me Please.

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for last 3 months i have irregular periods..dates are this month from 15/3 onwards i started to take regesterone 5mg tablet once daily for 6days,on advice of my friend..and i stopped it on 21/3..but no bleeding occured till 23/ long i have to wait for my periods?Is it necessary to consult a doctor?

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Hello DR
Eighteen months past for my wedding. Now we are trying for our baby. But my periods are irregular. So I consulted a gynacologist Dr they prescibed me to take Regestrone 5mg tablets to get my periods. By this i am getting drosiness and nausea kind of feeling. Is it sure that I get my periods by taking these medicine.

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my doctor suggested me regestrone 5 mg tablet for 15 days.I want 2 be pregnent.I am married for last 4 years.I have problem for endometrosis.Please give me some advise.What can I do.

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my wife's periods delayed... now as we have used 5 postpone tablets for last month periods and now its passed 6 days extra and we have tested pregtest and doctor gave Regestrone-5mg and we have used as per the doctor's suggession(2 tablets per 12 hours) so we have used 6 tablets... but still no effect... please advice....

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Hi, I am 23yr old and single. I have irrregular periods(usually 3-6 months once) from the time I got menstruation. I have polycyst as well. And I am putting on weight very reapdily from 4yrs. And I ll have flows til 15 days. My gyno has advised me to take T.Regestrone for 3 days (morning & Night) & T.Trapic for heavy flow after 7days. I have been asked to take Regestrone for 24 day cycle for about 6months. could you please advise the side affects. thank you.

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after using the regestrone tablet for 10 days in 1 month so there is a chance to get pregnant

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My wife is suffering from irregular periods from february 2011. After consulting the doctor in the month of Nov. 2011, advised to take REGESTRONE 5 MG for five days, per day two tablets. The tablets were taken on 26/11/11 and completed on 30/11/11. but even till today i.e, 7/12/11 no menses period occured and generally when it will arise?

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I havebeen having irregular periods since i was in class 10 it never comes in 30 days it comes always after 60 days but now it takes more than 60 days my age is doctor suggested me regestrone 5 mg tablet for 3 days after this i have normal period but again more than 60 days over same problem. There is no problem in my uterus so many sonography has taken but every thing is normal. please suggest what is wrong with me

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can i take regestrone 5mg to delay my periods

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my wife had an abortion. now after one month of abortion...she had no periods. dr. advice her to take regestron 5mg. for 5 days twice. after the 5 days she got her period only for 2 days... now again after one month she didnt had her periods... plz tell me wat to do....

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now a days i will take regestrone 5mg for days .after that i miss my medicine for one day.after that day iwill take the medicine in morning.doctr suggested me it for delay for my period.can you suggest me for taking of the medicine in night also i.e in one day two medicines .

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My period delay in 15 days. in last i have sex and i cannot use any precaution. i think i am pregnant. in that stage can take take REGESTRONE 5 MG sandoz.

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I'm 30 yrs old and married. My periods are irregular. In September my periods continued for 18 days almost. So my dr. advised me to take regestrone for 20 days. I want to know if I can try to get pregnant this month or next month possibly?

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I have used choice contraceptive pills but now I am having irregular periods and am unable to conceive. What medicine should I take to promote fertility?

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I want pregnancy next month,doctor adv registronetab. I have irregular period

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Irregular periods my date is not yet come. So my doctor adv registering tablets. Next month I had compulsory what can I do.

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I am asked to take 3 tabs of regestrone for 2 days as my periods she start on Feb 22nd but not. If am pregnant will I loss

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my doctor has advised me to regestron 5 mg from 5th day of my periods for next 20 days. we are trying for a baby from last 7 to 8 months but yet no results are seen. also my cycle is pretty irregular. my gnac also advised me to intimate from 10th day to 20th day . so does regestron 5 mg will help me to conceive?

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I have pcod.and experiencing irregular pé last period was on august13.i had intercourse with my husband on5th .september till now i dint gt pé i am taking regestrone tablets for getting périodS.what Is Ur opinion?

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im getting sever pain during menstural time i consulted doctor she said i have swelling in utreus doc advised me to take regestrone 5mg after menstural 15-25 days by using this tablets is there any chances for pregnency if got pregnency is baby growth will be normal kindly please advise

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my wife wants to delay manstrual cycle for one week.please suggest appropiate medicine

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i am having irregular period. no period is precribed me to take regestrone 21 tablet from 2nd day of my period.4 years marriage.i want to is possible with this tablet.

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