peach color e700 on one side 15/325 on otherside

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trying to find out if there is a stronger percocet or oxycodone than the 10/325. Looking for options less than oxycontin option.

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je veux dais oxycodone et je peux faire dais taisse comme cobaille pour la recherche jais 32ans je rest a lachute QB

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e700 15/325

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I am perscribed this medicine and want to see what it looks like.

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how does generic perc 15s look

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where are the pictures of theses pills? I don't see any? also can I order theses Percocet's online?

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there are many ways to get it online but you most be careful with the guys from india because there are known to send sugar pills how ever i get my product out of Florida and Pennsylvania because i use different medications so there for i only get them from to different states

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Nurse just gave me what she said was a percocet. It was a peach color, round. Looked like a V on one side. Didn't catch what was on the other side.

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