Oxycodone Hydrochloride 30mg White With 15 Imprinted On Oneside And Lines The Otherside Are These


I have a pill that supposed to be 30 milligrams is white with 15 imprinted on one side in lines on the other is this a 30 milligram pill X oxycodone hydrocod thatis that such a pill please help me

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Hello, lady REE! How are you?

No, there is no Oxycodone tablet in the U.S. pharmaceutical databases that I can find, which matches this description.

Not only that, but I can't find any prescription tablet listed that matches this description, at all.

Where was it found/obtained?

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Haha someone got burnt

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Yes the whIte round oxy 30 with #15 and white round with #114 are the same. They are both real, weak, give a headache & nausea!! Yecko!!!

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R over p with 30 on flip side: These are little white round pills but twice as thick as the blue ones. The pharmacy was out and this is what they gave me, a generic. The manufacturer is Rhodes. Has anybody ever tried these and can they tell me if they work as good as the blue ones?

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Most say 30 or a215 or v30 or m30. Fill your prescriptions at a pharmacy. Lot of fakes going around.

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Hi I would just like to know if it's just me or what???? I normally take oxycodone 30mg. Blue pill
for Avascular necrosis. My pharmacy was late getting their order out...so I had it filled @ another pharmacy. This is white 15 one side/
NP on the other. It is as if I have taken something that has made me very weak, headache, & does not touch the pain....what should I do????

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Re: liz (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Agree 100%.The white ones with 114 are garbage with fillers that make me sick and they do not relieve my pain even a .little......period

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Re: Autumn (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

The white ones are GARBAGE.Filled with fillers and not potent.They do not kill my pain even 50% of the blue ones

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