Need Pain Management Dr To Prescribe Vicodin Oxycodones Ri 02911


Hello I want to know if there is any dr in RI that that can help me with pain management. I take Lortab 10mg, 30 mg oxycodone. I am looking for another dr. To continue my care. I had a bad accident driving patients to appointments at work. Someone hit us and we was thrown into a house head on. I was pinned in the drivers seat and taken out with the jaws of life, 2 wheel are patients was also pinned. One patient survives and one was pronounce dead. Their wheelchairs had smashed them. Please help if anyone knows a dr.

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I am in the same situation. I have severe pain due to many health problems. Doctors are so afraid of being fined or losing their licenses, so unfortunately legitimate patients suffer. I'm looking for a new doctor. If you could refer me to one that would be great.

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I'm in daily level 7 to 9 pain. RI Drs. like to let patients suffer in pain. the pain is so bad I cannot stand long enough to cook! I feel like we are back in the dark ages as far as pain management goes. All I've ever been offered is aleve or ibuprophen, which do not work for my level of pain. Good luck. I have xrays and mri to prove it too.

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Well all I can say to you all is no not at this season in our lives. Dr's will not give out these medications anymore. The wonderful president who is Muslim made all of us pain people suffer. He dose not care if we are in pain. I'm a veteran. They screwed me over. I told the pharmacist everything. And he didn't write down adderall. U/A's done and the adderall was present. Break of contract. It's on file in computer which looks horrible. I am so hurt by Dr's I want to stay away from them.

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Me too. I am in that much pain. But I have a good family doctor. He takes care of my pain. If I were in your shoes, I'd move elsewhere (overseas) where the care is real.

You can be wandering around in pain, or really do something about it. Even prisoners get pain meds.

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