My Doctor Will Not Increase Me From 3 15 S Er Oxycodone To The 30 I Ve Been On Them For A Year And They Re Helping


I have been on 15 milligram oxycodone instant release for almost a year I've got to where there are not working as well as they were in the beginning I need an increase to the 30's and my doctor has me on methadone I don't understand why he has me on methadone for breakthrough and opiates at the sametime I would rather him give me something else for breakthrough like a 30 milligram oxycodone to help with my breakthrough and take me out to methadone

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Hello, Vince! How are you?

Methadone is an opiate narcotic, many people take it for chronic pain.

Does the Methadone help?

This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

And jumping to doubling your Oxycodone may not be necessary, but it could depend on the dosage of your Methadone.

Have you discussed this with your doctor?

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Hi Vince - you may be very surprised at how well the methadone works for you . I have taken both & the methadone will intensify the pain relief of the oxy . I would hope that he has you on 5 mg - 2 times a day. Methadone stays with you & is very constant acting so you never have those ups & downs of needing more . All I take now is methadone in low dosage. This is just my experience & the dosage is very individual to get exactly right. No 2 people are a like . I can also tell you , never take a generic made by a new company called Ascend. I found that out the very hard way .

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Your not feeling your meds because of the methadone. You can't feel opiates when your on methadone. So why should you feel a few percocets. I have up to this point a great group of drs who would not treat a patient like that. Dual addictions when not necessary...... Maybe they're getting paid off by the Pharm. company's. When u detox from the methadone make sure you do it slow.....when u get around 10mg. Maybe consider 1mg every two weeks. God bless and stay focused.

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What about a patch? And then keep them for break threw pain? Would he do this for you ?

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