Mosegor Vita For Infants


I am looking to find more information about this and whether it is safe for infants to take as a supplement?

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any supplements given to an infant should be discussed with your health practicioner. What you think may be helpful can have serious toxicity due to their immature liver and kidneys.

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is mosegor vita good for my son? he is 3 years old now.

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Have your doctors prescribed this for your children at all? According to a related discussion thread (Mosegor Vita Capsule) this is a nutritional supplement (and MIMS states that it is an appetite enhancer for helping with weight gain). I agree with mcrn that any supplement or medication given to an infant or child should be done under a doctor's supervision.

What I would recommend is for you to visit the related discussion that I just mentioned because chances are good that someone else has experienced this too and there are already close to 50 other replies over there. I hope this helps!

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Hi po my baby is 6 months pa cya pwede po ba cya painumin nag mosegor vitamis syrup

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Hi son is only 7 months it is ok to take a mosegor vitamins....?

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How about mossigor drops meron ba for 0 to 6 months

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