Is Xanax Stronger Than Buspar


is a buspar stronger than taking a xanax?

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Busbar are useless. Xanax are much stronger depending on the dose, 1 or 2. Take one 2mg

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Xanax contains the active ingredient Alprazolam, this is a Benzodiazepine, commonly used to treat anxiety and nervous disorders.

BuSpar contains the active ingredient Buspirone, a much milder medication used to treat depression and anxiety.

You can read about both here:



Have these both been prescribed for you?

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Buspar is a long acting anti-anxiety medication that is taken daily, whereas xanax is a short acting anti-anxiety med that is taken on an as needed basis. The two can be combined, whereas the Buspar works on the general anxiety and the Xanax can be taken for more acute anxiety or for extremely stressful situations. I take buspar daily, and if I have something stressful like a job interview coming up I'll take a 1/4 of a xanax along with it. It doesn't take much.
Note that your body will build a tolerance to Xanax if you take it often and it will become less effective at the same doseage after a period of time.

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Buspar is like taking cardboard! Useless! No help at all with anxiety!
Xanax is at least 10+ times more powerful and effective.

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Buspar is absolutely useless. It does nothing for my anxiety. I have anxiety attacks if I wake up in the middle of the night. I just recently started taking buspar before bed to help with anxiety. They do NOTHING to help with anxiety. They do nothing to me at all.

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Buspar works great for me. However, I am prescribed a fairly high dosage. That may have something to do with why it works for me. 15mg in the morning and 15 mg at night nearly wipes out my anxiety. I have been taking it for over a year and a half and it still works.

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Xanax is like using a power tool to screw in a small screw; you risk destroying the screw top and making it impossible to ever remove. Buspar is using a small screwdriver to screw in a small screw; it takes a lot longer to complete the job but the danger of creating new problems with it is much more minimal than with xanax.

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Im 40 yrs. of age.I have one son, he's 11yr. old. My biggest fear is trying new anxiety meds and trying to live life and keep with my son who I know really needs me everyday. I do not like anxiety meds that make feel dependant on everyday. I want to take anxiety meds as I need them but not feel like have to have them it take them everyday freakin day! I'm currently on Xannex 1mg. half a pill a day as needed. I was taking 15mg of Bruspar for 30 until one day my sons second day back too school I took one when I had just gotten up this particular morning. Bruspar made me feel drowsie after waking up, more dizzy, nervous, and more mini anxiety feelings in my head. I had a really bad panic attack cause my mother is a really negative, argumentative person. She's very miserable but things everything in her life is so fine and also Sierrawith Spain and ddiabetes. I have started walking due to my weight gain since I have not working in over two years now. I noticed my anxiety came right after I lost my job and gained weight. I also was with someone for a small period of time that had to go away to prison for some years then he changed and started stressing me out cause I was not able support him so I moved on with my life. I go to church and do things cause refuse to let my anxiety affect the woman that I am and take over my life. I prey all the time because I know it's going to be alright and its going to get better. I just do not want to take anything that makes me feel like I have to be dependant on it everyday, only as needed and I told my nurse and doctor that where I go to for my anxiety. They are trying differ meds to find the one for me and I fear that cause I don't want to but exposed to sunbathing I can't stop on my own and have to take everyday and if I don't take it I'll feel some kind of way.Please tell me what should I do for real. I need there help. But I also want them to listen to me and do what's right for me. I don't like being what you call it," a ginny pig"! . Being experimented on. I want them to know the one for me, POINT BLANK PERIOD!!!!

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Ooh! What I was trying to say the first time is is that I really don't have any support but me and God. My family feels I shouldn't be taking anything to help me with my anxiety, dizziness and nervousness. I also forgot to mention. I had my thyroids removed in 2010, lost my job in 2011, been fighting with the job that died me for my unemployment which I received, now I'm fighting them for Bilateral Carpel Tunnel and going back and forth to court. So being on all of these new and differ meds is not at all good for me cause so far I have also had brain fog and slurred speech at times and studdering sometimes. Right now.I'm taking 1/2 1mg. of Xannex, I'm afraid to take the Bruspar cause I started feeling depebdabt on it and I was told not to stop taking cause if the mg's which is 15ngs. I spoke with on of the nurses at the place I'm going too they said I would be fine doing it or just taking it only art night. I fear taking meds to long and having to be winged off of them. What should I do or talk them. I want to take one pill and it last me all day and ids as needed. That's it!! :-) Please tekl ne what sshould do. I have no support for real but God!!! :-) Ps: My mom is very negative and argumentative. I'm bought ready to leave her alone and it if my life but need her from time to time but she did not help me with my anxiety cause she suffers with depression badly!!! Very miserable woman! Please advice me on what I should do for real. I think I know but would to here your post! Thanks! :-)

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Wow Dj...certainly know what you're feeling. Been on some kind of depression/anxiety med for almost 30 years off and on. Lost my husband, father and dog all in the last 10 months. Thought I was handling it with xanax and seroquel (I take Seroquel for insomnia for years since its all that ever worked). I actually thought I was handling my "crisis" very well. Turns out I'm not. Feel so bad of late and will probably be taking yet another drug..Lexapro...after I see my shrink on Tues. My mother sounds a bit like help at all really, yet I can't let her go. She's judgmental and would much rather talk about "other poor people with problems." She turns me right off if conversation comes round to "me". So yes, I can relate. I take 4mg of Xanax per day and now it its not enough. So need the old combo package of Lexapro with it. I too pray..I too really only have God and I believe he can heal me. Just keep reading the Bible and praying. I need to find a Church....might as well say I have no friends really and never had children..just step children.

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Pj. This Dj. Sorry took me so long too respond. So far. I been really focusing on more positive things around me and trying so far too and my mom's visits over to see me and get grandson. We have been doing things that we know she is not interested in doing since she does not help me at all. That adice came from my father knows her so well. There separated. Now I do have my father's interest at hand but not my mom's, not at all! If it's not about her, She does not care! Sad to say cause I care about my mom but she is too negative for me. I've been going forwalks something she will not do. I feel I need more to do them just think about my access and pains and worry about money, income busses I'm not working. And one graduated from College last year and have not been able to work due to my carpal tunnel and rotor cuff tear in my left shoulder that I been studying with for a very long time. But I know God has my best interest and will deliver me from all of my anxiousness. I also been reading on anxiety and trying my bible and preying. God is bleeding me and my son everyday. So I'm going to continue the Bruspar and half of 1mg Xannex as needed an continue with setting. Neither one of us can ever go wrong with that. I'll be preying for us all. Just don't give up!

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I have had sever anxiety for over 10 years, and I haven't felt that anything has helped besides Xanax. I have been on different doses of xanax throughout my life and although it works, I still feel a lot of anxiety and need something else to help take the edge off during the day so I can work, drive, and take care of my kids. I hate the feeling of anxiety, and it is getting back to the point where I feel like I have to have another adult with me at all times just to feel some type of okay, but I still have the anxiety attacks. I just need to find something else that my doctor can prescribe me that will help me get through everyday without feeling so anxious that I need to be home away from everyone and everything. I just hope by doing my research, this medication is something I can take and start feeling better about my anxiety and get it back under control. I gotta do something, because dealing with this everyday is driving me crazy.

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I'm on xanax and buspar.....I will be honest xanax is wonderful but highly addictive I have found I run out early....withdrawl happens quickly and makes u very you have a horrible flu feeling.....buspar I find works also as I was on that years back and recently was placed back have to give it a month to work unlike xanax which is a great quick fix for an attack....I'm trying to take the buspar more and backing off slowly on the xanax....

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I do not recommend buspar at all horrible horrible horrible.....Xanax works wonders on it 9 years now along with my heart meds....this is coming from a person who had panic/anxiety/anger issues since I was 9 and now 42.....been tried several different meds in my lifetime....what I have works for me but everyone is different.....tried atarax too did nothing for me....don't recommend that one

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Have you considered counseling? You are intelligent enough to note your anxiety started with job loss and weight gain...........Perhaps a psychologist could help you. Sounds like you have a lot of stress, and I have found them quite valuable in my life. In my opinion, counseling specialists are a bit like dentists, when you need one, they are essential and necessary. Good luck.

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I agree, absolutely useless... I am the one that asked my PCP to try me on it as I know Xanax becomes very addictive, but AI have terrible anxiety attacks and I might as well have galena tic tax! Needless to say I am back on the 2 bar w the G, and unfortunately. (Because of building a tolerance ) and fortunately it works wonders for me. Sorry to hear there are fake ones floating around.. mine come from a very reputable well known pharmacy. Good luck to those who are having problems I hope u can get what u need.

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