How Does B Co Vitamin Tablets Help Woman With Infertility?


How does B co vitamins help women with infertility?.Although I ve been preggy before...that was last year twice in that year but I had miscarriages...even since I ve probelm of becoming pregnant again...sinc Aug,2014...

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If you are deficient in vital nutrients, it can cause difficulties with becoming pregnant and maintaining a healthy pregnancy to full term, so many doctors want women to try something like this first.

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vitamin b's help support the nervous system. The nervous system (vegas nerve specifically) is the nerve that tells the organs what to do, such as when to release hormones for example. Since we no longer get alot of our vitamins from the foods we eat alot of people are deficient in the b vitamins.

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Does bico wash out the petogen out off the body?does one get pregent when using bico and petogen?

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Hey I want to know that too, as it was my first month using the bico inj. and I was having unprotected intercourse. Should I get pregnant or not?

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