Gabapentin For Back Pain. Increasing The Dosage


My doctor has prescribed me gabapentin 300 mg capsules. for nerve pain in my back. I'm a little confused on how to take it. He said that I can increase my dose. Does this mean that I can take two at time since one isn't helping? I only take it at night when my pain is at its worst.

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I am on same meds i take 3 of those a night

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Our doctor, who is a prof at Duke says you can take up to 2700 Mg a day. A pain specialist we also had stated that if you are taking for example 1800 Mg per day to take one 600 in morning and two 600 at night. Both said not to take major steps over 300 or 600 Mg each week, and I did find that when I upped it or took it down that had to do it slowly. I have been taking 1800 Mg for 7 years now for shingle pain that took out the nerves in my face.

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I have been taking Xanax and 1 Tylenol PM at night for sleep. Was just prescribed gabapentin 100 mg for back and nerve pain, also take at bedtime, is it safe to continue taking 1Tylenol PM with the Gabapentin since I still can’t sleep.

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