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How many 100 mg Gabapentin capsules equal 600 mg capsules of Lyrica? I'm in the process of changing Primary Care Physicians and will not have enough Lyrica to last until my new patient appointment. However I do have a number of Gabapentin capsules left over from when I was using them. So can I substitute my Gabapentin for my Lyrica.....

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1 more thing...I was taking 2700 mg per day of gabapentin....but when I was prescribe lyrica it was 600 mg a day....

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I've been taking 600 mg gabapentin 2 tabs 3 xs a day. Now I have 200 mg lyrica because I an out of gabs. I'm wondering if anyone knows the equivalence of each other so I don't over take the lyrica. Any advice???

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Based on my own investigations these two medications are not created equally and therefore the only reliable way to determine a dose that provides equivalent relief is through trial and error (per your doctor's instructions); perhaps starting off small and gradually increasing until you reach the desired effect?

Trial and error is also a necessary step in my opinion to finding out what works and what doesn't, namely because each individual tends to react/respond differently to different medications and their different sets of inactive ingredients.

With that in mind, no one other than yourself can truly provide an honest answer to this type of question. Only you know how you feel taking certain doses of certain medications, but a doctor is there to provide you with guidance along the way.

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I was on gabapentin for neuropathy that I got from some antibiotics when I took for nearly three years because of cancer problems and stuff and then I had a wreck and it messed up my neck and they took me off of the Gabapentin cuz it wasn't working anymore from my nephew or my hot flashes really but you can not take gabapentin with Lyrica that with that came from my doctor and the pharmacist you can not take gabapentin and Lyrica so my suggestion would be now

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When I went off lyrics I went through withdrawal why can't your Dr write a script to get u by doctor can write more than one script for them

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How long have you been using lyrica? I know that is used for nerve pain&seizures. I was put on lyrica after having my c-section i would start twitching randomly it distorted my vision i would be asking your new doctor for another medication! Lyrica has many side effects! They can cause seizures! You know your body though&I'm not a medical professional but in saying that i would reccomend not to take it

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take them as scripted at time of delivery but why cant you get script from dr to get you through from either dr ... ask pharmacy to intervien they may by able to help with history report ..... good luc

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Lyrica and gabapentin are NOT the same medication. You can't take gabapentin and expect it to do anywhere near what Lyrica does. I would go to the er or the original prescribing doctor to get a refill until you find another doctor. Stopping lyrica can cause BAD side effects like seizures and the very least extreme pain with withdrawal. Gabapentin takes time to build up in your bloodstream and in my experience simply does not work at the level of lyrica. (I am a registered nurse as well as have a husband on lyrica)

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In theory it seems like it should be a easy conversion because they work much the same way. But, because of a major bio availability (how it works with your body) difference it's not that simple to calculate and doesn't always work. Depending on which study it's 3.6:1 another is 6:1 that spread right shows it's not that easy. Lyrica and Gabapentin both have a withdrawal syndrome associated with them and they both are seizure medications that effect Synaptic plasticity and synaptogenesis so neither should he stopped abruptly. Some Doctors will script Gabapentin to help with a Lyrica taper. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't help. That means you still can have withdrawals from Lyrica even if you take Gabapentin and it's additional side effects. Do you best to try to replace your medications and stay on schedule and titrate down if. Sometimes 10% of less taper schedules are needed for people have get the difficult end of the spectrum of the withdrawal symptoms.

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