Doctors Willing To Prescribe Vicodin For Chronic Pain Va


I live in Vienna, VA in Fairfax County and need to find a doctor who is willing to prescribe Vicodin (and possibly spine infusions) for chronic back pain. Does anyone know of doctors in this area who might help me?

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National Spine and Pain Centers should have a clinic in your area.

They do it all and one of my original PM specialists in Virginia is part of their corporation so I know they are humane.

Good luck to you!

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I desperately need to find a doctor in the Northern Virginia area who prescribes oxycontin 40mg extended release 3 times a day and oxycontin immediate release 20mg every 4 hours. PLEASE HELP! Email me at {edited for privacy} if you have a name. Thanks!

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Hi Lynn, I have the name of a Dr. Who is a pain specialist and can and will prescribe Vicodin and other very strong narcotics. If you don't mind a bit of a drive, he is in Glen Allen VA. NOT TOO FAR FOR THE HELP YOU NEED! I just went all the way to North Carolina yesterday only to meet the rudest most awful lying Dr. On earth ! STAY AWAY FROM Dr. Joey Thomas!!! He also has a Petersburg VA office but don't waste your time or money!

{edited for privacy}

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Are you still a patient at National Spine? Have you seen Dr Gu? I'm desperately trying to become his patient but he would not take me because my last Dr's. For past 15 years have had me on methadone pills 10 mg at 9 pills per day so I'm in a bad way. Any other suggestions? My withdrawal is over finally but the pain is
Simply unbearable. I'm 57 years old and not a drug seeker just need to shut down all the pain that has come alive. Need to be able to function.

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Cherry can you tell me who the doc is in Glen Allen? I am not too far from there and desperate.

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It's Dr. Gu of National Spine and Pain. Be very careful in speaking with him or his staff. He is a difficult personality. I really hope you have luck getting in! It's gotten bad around this area recently... a Dr. who was prescribing lots of oxycodone for headaches is suddenly sending as many patients to Dr. Gu as possible. Call quickly as they are always booked. He takes good care of his patients. Don't ask for any specific drug!! He sees that as "drug seeking behavior". Wishing you good luck!!

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Re: Cherry (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Would you be willing to give Dr name in Glen Allen 2 discollated shoulders impossible to get help here in VA

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I am in Virginia near Luray and I am desperate for a Dr who will take over my pain management. I have been on pain management for ten years due to a double knee replacement and back surgery. In so much pain I cannot do anything but sit. I am a senior citizen with many health issues, degenerative disc disease and so much scar tissue they kept me on Percocet and oxymorphone. I am in so much pain. I will drive but not NC or SC, as they will treat me like a pill seeker. I tried calling and they shut you down. Please help. {edited for privacy}. I will try to help others too.

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