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I have Chronic IBS and acute Chrons disease. I have been taking Vicodin to help control the bouts of diarrhea and severe abdominal pain. My concern is all that Tylenol that comes with Vicodin is damaging my liver, thus more problems. I have tried methadone and it works GREAT and 40mg lasts all day instead of a pill every 4 hrs. I need a doctor in or around the St. Louis area that can and will prescribe methadone for pain management. I have no insurance, preferably a doctor who will accept cash patients that is not to costly. Who and where are they in this area? Thank You Anyone

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Hi, Stacey! How are you?

There are actually a couple of problems that you're going to run into.

The first will be the fact that you're a cash patient. Many doctors will not prescribe controlled substances on a long-term basis for uninsured patients, because that makes it much easier for someone to game the system by doctor and pharmacy hopping…and if you do find a doctor to write for something, then your next difficulty will be finding a pharmacy to fill it.

The second issue is wanting Methadone, since it is a very dangerous and addictive medication, most doctors will not prescribe it for pain.

Learn more Methadone details here.

Do you have a doctor that you currently see regularly?

If so, they are most likely going to be your best bet for getting the help you need.

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Verwon a dr put me a methadone for pain. You just seem to be telling all of us that no dr will help. WHY are you responding negatively when your NO HELP!

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While it sounds bizarre, it is true, obviously! I wouldn't get so angry at the messenger, Sick In St. Louis. It's just a fact that methadone is something that is sold on the streets, and they have to do what they can to stop diversion of SCHED.II MEDS. One way of doing that is if a person has insurance, it is documented how many docs they have gone to and what they were Rx'ed. If a person pays cash, it's not being documented because these P.M. Docs have no way of knowing which patient went where. And, pharmacies do keep records and they would know if people are buying large quantities of these drugs. The almighty DEA keeps sharp tabs on what Rx's are filled. So, really I'm not sure why anyone would have a problem filling a script from any doc unless they are being flagged for it. That part I DON'T get.

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I'm on methadone here in Phoenix,AZ.
My doc who was writing for the pills lost his license in 2010, and ever since then (because nobody ELSE will Rx it for me) I've had to go to a friggin methadone clinic like I'm a junkie! Anyways, the liquid is good enough (I also have chronic IBS among a list of other ills) for stomach cramps, and keeps the IBS in check, if u know what I mean. It is not as good as the pills but what can I say-although for some reason there is a large difference between generic M and name brand M. Taking the brand name one, which u will recognize by the fact that it is a white powder that they mix in water as opposed to the pink-red liquid that they dont mix, is more closer to the actual M tablets, strength-wise and lasting effects.
Also, if you are afraid of the tylenol like I was when I started out on the pain meds therapy, I used Norco for awhile as I believe theres no APAP in it, either. Anyhow, good luck friend, as we truly all do suffer together! I at least hope my sharimg helped u somewhat!! ;-D JD

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I digress.... Norco DOES HAVE APAP in it, I must have been confusing it with methadone! Sorry for any confusion!

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I'm a T4 paraplegic and been paralyzed for the past 14 years. I've been on many pain medications since my injury. About 6 years ago I got on methadone and it was a life saver for me personally. My pain management doctor who was prescribing me methadone has just moved out of the state. I'm looking for a good pain management doctor in or around Saint Louis Mo who prescribes methadone.

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I was released from prison on methadone but the prison let me go all weekend with no Rx to get through my weekend doses. Where do I stand with this? Can I sue for letting me go with out my methadone?

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Hi there, I've been on methadone 95mls of it daily for over 10 years. It is good for pain. The only draw back is it's highly addictive. If I get off this alright I'll never take it again, it's your choice.

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Hi, I'm on methadone after having been addicted to H, which i'm off clean. Please be respectful of your comments about going to the clinic. You cant judge ppl saying junkies, that's very disrespectful. It's ppl like you that give clinics a bad repatriation. If you want to know anything about methadone ask me. Mine is green, it was brown when it first came out in Ireland, then they changed it to green. I recommend it. I've been taking all types of methadone pills and liquid. The green liquid does the job. I take it daly first thing when I wake up, and im grand for the day and night. Plz don't hesitate to reply to me.

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Thank you Mark I too have been on the clinic for 15 years, I have been called every dirty name in the book, and it hurts. People say I sponge off of the Government, funny thing is, I paid my way for 14 of those 15 years. It seems like people think we are less than human. Since being on methadone I don't shoot dope anymore, I have a nice place to live I, don't steal anymore, but no matter what we say there are going to be haters.

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PLS my pain Dr left stl 2 weeks notice bad sick no ins could you PLS give me his name. Trying to get my Masters degree not possible with no meds!! Thanks S

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Hi Mark, May I ask what clinic you use?

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Its based in coolock,Dublin,Ireland

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GARY 2309, I wonder if we were seeing the same pain dr who left? Initials are Dr. CC. I too am looking for a new pain doc, the past yr. This pain dr who left I saw for 16 yrs who is now at the Napa Valley Pain Institute. I have left 3 messages and after seeing me for 16 yrs he will not even call me back!!!! Methadone is a great analgesic. I do have an appt. this coming Monday with a doc who would not see me until I said I wanted to get off the methadone and ON SOMETHING ELSE.

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Hey Cshel.....Yes Dr. CC. Left tons of people in the lurch and out of their meds!. Who did you find in St. Louis? I could really use some help! Thanks and good luck!

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I have not! So nice to connect with a fellow CC patient! He did us such a disservice, tried calling him where he works now. Left three messages, saw him for 16 yrs and no call back. We were numbers to him, literally! I do not know what to do.

{edited for privacy}

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I am going to the O'Fallon Il, CPS, where CC sent us to. I was going to St. Louis Pain Management. A Dr, Hexum started me back on exactly what CC had me on I was so happy and doing so well and then he disappeared! His partner is awful does not believe in opioid therapy at all, and rumor is that that is why Dr. Hexum went ahead and retired was because he was not able to prescribe the way he wanted to and he knew would give patients a quality of life that was high. So now I'm back at CPS they're taking me off or titrating me off methadone which I've been on 20 years and has worked wonderfully. Do to it I was able to get my masters take my state boards and pass, get my state licensure, work have a child function at a very high level the way we all should be able too! What is going on is this last April the CDC released a statement saying basically this is not verbatim that doctors should ease back on their opioid prescribing and ever since that mirandum came out methadone is now being treated as though it is the medication to totally avoid. They are concentrating on and saying opioids are causing people's deaths but what they are not taking into account is that the majority of these people are addicts and they mix their medication, they sell it, they divert it. They take more than prescribed and when you do that you risk the chance of dying because this is serious medication! So if I were you I would call the O'Fallon Illinois CPS office and make an appointment with Candice. Do Not see Dr. Beuger!!! He treated a friend of mine absolutely horrible and that's putting it mildly. I was told when I went there this past Monday that he only does procedures most likely because he has had so many negative interactions with patients and that Candace sees the patients and there may be another physician's assistant or nurse practitioner on site also. In the state of Illinois Physician's assistants and nurse practitioners can prescribe controlled substances. In Missouri they have to be under a MD or DO. I did my Master's research on the use of opioids to treat chronic non-malignant pain and if they do not work with me and titrate Me Slowly then I'll be looking for somewhere else to go. I'm supposed to call today or tomorrow to find out their plan Candice and Doctor Beuger are formulating a plan for me. Just know that you're not alone if you want to talk let me know and my other dear friend who also went to CC is now going to the CPS in O'Fallon because she was St Louis pain management also and the doctor left was treating her absolutely horribly!!! As well as titrating her down to nothing! I figured out when I left Saint Louis pain management that after Dr. Hecum left, this other Dr. Spinks is getting rid of all the patients that need opioids. The practice is owned by a chiropractor he doesn't even need to be in pain management because some patients are helped by opioid regimens it gives them their life back and a high quality of life. We do not abuse it we are not addicts we are physically dependent but not psychologically addicted. I dictated a lot of this that's why there are running sentences I apologize it was just too much to type take care and like I said I think we're all going to have to band together and try to change legislation because people are suffering they're killing themselves it's just awful! The War on Drugs has turned into a war on chronic pain patients and we are the casualties.

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Hi CShel
Did you have any luck with CPS?
My Dr has had me on a pain Rx for about 3-4 years for chronic hip and knee pain.
After moving into a 2 story house this past year the pain has only gotten so much worse.
My dr wants me to see a pain management

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Please be careful using the word addicting. There is,a,monumental diy between psychological addiction and physiological dependence. All opioids whether short-acting or sustained release, if taken long enough, the persons body will become physiological dependent, but not necessarily psychologically Addicted. Thank you and have a great day! My credentials MSRC,LPC,BCPC

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. I also was a patient of CC I went to CPS done okay in Missouri went to O'Fallon seen Candice cut me down the first time I seen her hard to stay on our program so I run short then they want to put a pain pump in me now they won't write my medicine no more so be careful with that place if you're getting any Med you're lucky

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Re: JD (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I've been on 80 mg for 20 yrs and the office cut me off that. Sad to say.

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Re: Mark (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

Dear Mark, to be clear are you saying that the liquid DID control your pain all day after taking the pills ?? I am a 10 year pain Managent patient relocating to Springfield Mo I am in urgent need of advice! I am scared to death of withdrawals & of the endometriosis that put me here in the first place. I do not have problems with addiction but I am dependent- I just want my quality of life but I am afraid if I go to a clinic that I will never be seen by pain management again. Thank you for any help.

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Dr waggoner daniel.waggoner on tesson ferry in St.L believes in giving methadone for pain management hes a neurologist and sleep medicine doctor hes great I was embarrassed about my drug history relapsed and ended up getting kicked to the curb but he is great and usually very understanding. I agree there is a huge difference in the tablet methadone the liquid

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Sorry to inform you but norco has 325mg Tylenol in EVERY single pill regardless if it is 5mg, 7.5mg or 10 mg! They do make 5mg, 10mg, 15mg, 30mg oxycodone that do not have Tylenol along with the ones that do have Tylenol.

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I was with Dr. CC as well and it killed me when he left to go to Cali. He gave me my life back. I was able to work and do the things I needed to do to take care of my home and family. Then went to CPS Ofallon. I had the same problem. They wanted to take me off my meds and put in a pain pump. I don't have insurance and couldn't afford to do that so now I have to find a new pain management md. Any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated!

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I saw the same doctor most of you all did CC in St. Louis and I'm getting so depressed because I saw Dr. C for years and he kept my ain under control and the Dr. he sent me to has me down to almost nothing and I was at a dose that controlled my pain. I have discs in my back that are rubbing bone on bone and my knee needs replaced and I have severe stomach pain due to something similar to Crohns that leaves me in pain 24 house a day. I do not have insurance yet either, I'm fighting for disability right now but it hasn't come thru yet.
I can't keep on living in this pain, can someone please recommend a doctor that will write any type of pain meds, I was on oxycodone with Dr. C and long acting MS contin every 12 hours but methadone never helped my pain much so I'm not wanting that. But I would just like to find a caring doctor that listens and isn't afraid to help chronic pain patients and disabled patients that are suffering daily. I'm literally only sleeping 2-3 hours a night, the pain wakes me. And the pain has started depressing me to no end. Thank you to anyone that is listening. I appreciate any help from anyone else suffering.

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Don't think so, my Dr tried to switch me to morphine xr's (w/ perk 40 ir's for break through) not nearly as effective as the methadone was!! Then he gave me a small amount "to last until a new provider took over". Needless to say, I'm still trying to find a Dr to help me!!! Over 8 months ago!!! If anyone knows a pain doc who prescribes methadone- please let me know where & who they are!!! Wi/MI areas.

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