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I have been on 80 mgs of Percocet for a number of ailments for 9years and now because of some kind of law I only get 22,5 mgs a day. I am 62 years old, got hurt 24 years ago and I continued to work even thought I was in pain untio 2007, now I am on disability. have been able to control pain with Percocet. what I don't understand is the fact that I never asked for pain meds but they were prescribed almost 10 years ago and then they r reduced to 1/4 of the strength.

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They will provide you with FREE treatment options. You will not EVER get meds like that again in INDIANA. We are the second strictest state now. They began tapering my hubby off 1/4, then another 1/4, and again 1/4 until he is on 25% of beginning doses after four months. ALL BEFORE the law took affect in December.

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I was hurt on the job in 2013 and because of this injury I ended up on disability I was referred to a pain management doctor that got in trouble and is no longer able to practice medicine and because of this I cannot find a doctor that will prescribe my meds I never got in any trouble and passed every drug panel that doctor gave me I live in Muncie indiana and am on medicaid what can I do to find a doctor that will give me back my meds so I can have at least a functional life

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The CDC prescribing "guidelines" are not laws,if that is what your referring to. In fact if you do a little research on that guideline you willfind they're walking it back . "" The Misapplication of CDC opioid Prescribing Guidelines" " Erratum " 4/19/2019 posted on CDC website. Check it out, empower yourself. F these chicken s*** Doctors. It was Providers, Doctors that pushed this correction to the GUIDELINES THAT IS ALL THEY ARE

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