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I was in a car accident and had a head injury and my migraines started. They have been on and off all my life and started up again when I get cancer and was given chemo with facial in it. My migraines started up again and were so severe I was going to stop all chemo. They thought I was going to die and assigned me a palliative care pain management doctor. I did not die and my migraines never stopped. My pain management Dr dropped me and I can't find another Dr to prescribe anything. I took .39mgs of occasions every 4 hours and never abused them. Im in monmouth county, nj if anyone knows a Dr that still prescribes it. I have tried hundred of pain killers and nothing else works. Please help me

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Hello, Nova! How are you? I'm so sorry that you're miserable, no one should have to suffer.

I think a few more details might help, however… why were you dropped by your doctor? What's in your records about that is going to affect your ability to find a new doctor to treat you.

And did you mean Oxycodone is what you were taking? Autocorrect got you there and there are no medications available in .39mg dosages, that I'm aware of, so can you please clarify?

This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

Due to the new regulations that were put in place, you'll need to see a specialist, if you require controlled substances on a long-term ongoing basis.

Can anyone suggest a good doctor in that area?

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Dr Das- Hillsborough Pain management is a complete d***** b** and will not allow me back because I briefly switched doctors but he will write a script for anyone who walks in

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Did you also receive medications from the other doctor, when you switched?

If so, then that would be considered doctor hopping and he cannot keep prescribing for you, if that's what you were doing.

Can anyone recommend a doctor that might help?

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Thank you for answering me. I was taking 30mg of oxycodone for the migraines that started when I began my treatments. Palliative care is intended to help terminally ill patients suffer less during their treatment, until they ultimately die. Unfortunatelly for me I did not die and I continued to see my palliative care pain management doctor until she dismissed me 1.5 years ago because in her eyes I was failure - because I lived . But my headaches only got worse. The oncologist said the taxol and taxatir I got in my chemo mix had nothing to do with my migraines but I did research and found a lot of information that said they are the direct cause of migraines. Those medications along with my previous child hood head injury were a recipe for nothing but pain and misery. My palliative care dr did not care that I still had migraines just as bad as the one I got after my first dose of chemo. She dismissed me like I was nothing, she insulted me and shamed me for still being alive and in pain. She said it was my fault. I wish I had refused all treatments and died in peace 10 years ago. I have been to many doctors - had more than 1 MRI, CAT scan, x-rays and recently had a PET scan. Nothing shows up physically wrong with me, my migraines are simply a permanent side effect of the chemo poison they gave me and no doctor will ever admit that. If you know a dr that that would prescribe oxycodone I would be able to move forward with my life. I am unable to read, have difficulty looking at a computer monitor for very long and have lost my job because of that. I never abused the medication or asked for a higher dosage. I took 30mg every 3-4 hours. I would appreciate any help you can give me. I am getting ready to drink anti freeze if I cannot get some relief.Thank You Susan

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dr cheng bridgewater nj internal medicine gave me oxy 30's 4 times a day. im helpin ppl but have yet to recieve help:(

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yeah bro/ma'am, hillsborough pain management dr das and bwater internal medicine dr cheng. das will start u on perc 10s switch to opanas, if he isn't still a d***** he might help ya even more, cheng will write oxycontin or codone, start low but raise it every month by quite a bit. if any of you know docs for me pleaseeeee help me out. im hurtin so bad, went to inpatient for chronic pain and they only gave me 3 days of meds when i left.:( ny philly or jersey plz help me now if ya can. drop a name like i did for ya

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i feel you- i got chronic prostatitis urethritis chronic pelvic pain syndrome, pelvic floor dysfuncton, auto immune, fibromyalgia interstitial cystitis, severe early cervical and lumbar disc degeneration and buldging discs in my spine. i cant even walk my man

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Hi, thank you for the dr name. There is more than one dr cheng in bridge water, can u please give me a first name, there are quite a few
Thanks, Susan

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you say the they help you with migraines? I take the 15mg pills for my leg pains and it do nothing for my headaches I hate pills. I go to the cancer center for my treatment but got no cancer, my specialist is there that is why. I know few people who get them too, they go to a clinic in elizabeth in the bayway section. I stopped talking to the person few days ago but if u want I will try to find out eventually I will talk back with that person once the anger goes away. I think maybe the way you ask the dr may influence this too.

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Did u have any luck? My husband is having issues finding a doc that will treat him properly.. It's insane that patients can be treated this way despite the fact that some abuse it. If you know a doc in nj he would be willing to travel. He is currently out of work due to the pain...

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Have you ever tried botox for migraines? It's supposed to work really well. In what part of NJ do you live? I used to be a patient of Dr. Isaac Kreizman (offices in Staten Island and Brooklyn), before I had to move 3000 miles away. I used to have a quality of life when I was treated by him. They do all the tests, they don't just write scripts, but they aren't afaid to prescribe what works for the individual. Good luck!

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Chronic pain management cherry hill nj. They cost 200$ month or 100$ 2x month.

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Any doctors in Burlington county that accept horizon nj health that do meds and not shots...

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Thanks dude, would that be or could you give me a site or doc name? First result for pain management cherry hill nj. I'd appreciate more details! Thanks a lot.

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@jebidyasmith, I can get you the name of a dr in central jersey. She is EXTREMELY liberal. If the doctors you recommend checks out

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Well what's the name?4this is jedidyasmith

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Hi may I please have the doctors name? Thanks in advance!

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Hi Trixie, I live in central nj and it is very hard for me to drive long distances. Would you mind giving me the name of the pain management dr you alluded to? Thanks in advance.

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Its called chronic pain management. Its located in cherry hill nj. They have a website. Just google chronic pain management of cherry hill nj

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I have joint and bad panic attacks which i have to go to hospital which they percribe xanax why cant a dr

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Re: Need advice dr fast (# 118) Expand Referenced Message

Could you let me know what dr you used to see? I need a pain mgt dr who will give pain meds.

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I have been on pain management for 6 years and they kept me on the same oxy 10 the whole time. All u/a's were good and then I got really sick. The specialist I saw prescribes me 7 meds, antibiotic steroids and pain meds (a 5 days supply). My pm found out n discharged me. Now idk. I’m dr shopping. It’s so f***ed up my mom picked up my meds n the dr electronically did them so I had no clue I got kicked off this week. Anyone know a dr that would take time to hear me out? They can see I got really sick. Please help.

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looking for a pain management dr. in northern nj have been ill and on 15 mg oxy. My dr gave up his license,I I am in excruciating pain. can someone help

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Re: jamie (# 112) Expand Referenced Message

Thank you for that information. I will check it out

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I AM SORRY TO TELL YOU DR ALLADIN IS A MONEY HUNGRY PIECE OF S***. He plays the caring guy but it's not real. His behavior is passive aggressive. And he is the new age, fake Dr.s that want you to feel bad about yourself after he has exposed u to a regime of treatment, then he will vilify u for drugs he has exposed u to, as if you prescribed them for yourself.

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Re: De (# 98) Expand Referenced Message

Obviously you have never experienced pain so terrible that nothing matters, where a good night sleep is a far gone memory. I had the unfortunate experience of having a nurse that shared your limited mind, and she while I was hospitalized refused to alert my dr. of the pain I was having...sending me into multiple seizures. U know life has a way of opening your eyes to your own ideas, but they will never match real hard core experience. You are back seat narrow minded spectator. This is not your area, so stay out.

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I heard a guy say that she sees a great dr. in Caldwell, Dr. John Secoy. Look him up. I don't know where his office is but hes suppose to be great!

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Re: Pwrslave (# 49) Expand Referenced Message

Alladin is a hack. Very passive aggressive. He throws u a bone then pulls back like u r a dog. All while u r seeking relief.

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