Doctors Who Will Prescribe Pain Medication In Northw Indiana


I'm only 25 years old, but have the spine of someone twice my age with degenerating discs and one herniated disc, due to years of excessive exercise and heavy lifting. Most of the time my pain is under control, but when it gets bad, even on 50mg of hydrocodone a day I can barely move. But of course no doctor wants to prescribe a 25 y/o anything stronger. I've been researching local doctors and pain management centers and one that came up was Dr. Daniel Cha of Valparaiso, IN. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with him and if so, is he any good? and does he not treat you like a total junkie (like many pain management doctors do)?

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yes, ha i WAS his patient. he has no bedside manner, he cut his whole practice down on meds, mg wise. if you got insurance and want to get injections, and provide clean tests (closed door bathroom fyi) you can get hydro i'm pretty sure of that ...good luck but i think he is not a caring dr does not care to give a better quality of life, no ethics. he's a robot and says the same line "the dea moniters me.." he cares of his license more, gotta pay for that 70k tesla he drives!!!

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I saw Dr. Cha & totally regretted it! I have severe crohn's disease with lots of other health problems & heard they could help me with my back pain, but they didn't! He wanted me to get injections, but I refused cause he paralyzed my renter & that's when they cut me off all meds. I went back to my original Dr & much happier there. They made me feel like a junkie, even though they knew I'm recieving palliative care & already had 20 surgeries. I'd be careful about going to pain management, any specialist can prescribe pain medication.

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Who is your original dr and do they prescribe pain meds? 7 knee surgery

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I would stay far away from CHA...I was supposed to get an epidural for my 2 broken vertebrae & tail bone & I had fibro since I was 15 I'm 52 "Dr." Cha when he went to me the shot of meds in my spine he missed & I heard him say OOPS!! You NEVER want to hear a so called Dr say oops so he tried again and still missed but hit a nerve that send a voltage of pain from spine to my toes I screamed he say I'm sorry nothing just told men to be quiet so his other patients wouldn't hear me ..after all that he still wouldn't prescribe any pain pills and he used no anesthesia for the epidural he said I should have taken a Valium the day before like that's going to even touch my pain it's like using a garden hose to put out a ragoing Forrest fire. If only these so called "pain' drs could feelnrhe pain we live with everyday maybe they would understand what its like to be in pain 24/7 ..& if one more person said to me you don't look sick or you can't be in that much pain I sweR I'm going to hit them the head with my what's pain suppose to like anyway?? If I were you I'd stay far away from cha & his electrocutions he is dangerous good luck in finding a Dr that will help you with your pain not cause more of I m from portage Indiana......

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I've been going to Dr. Cha for 5 years now, he has always been kind and has always listened to me as far as getting my pain under control. I have degenerative disc disease and he has taken very good care of me. My scripts are always filled in a timely manner. No problems whatsoever. He does test you every once in a while. No worries for me there.

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