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I had a dr who was prescribing me 150 30mg roxycodone every month. He decided the past month that he no longer is writing them and is only writing subs. I cannot find a dr who will write me my script. Can anyone suggest anyone?

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Who was the doctor

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I'm sorry about the problem that you've run into. However, you're not going find a doctor to just write you your prescription, as a matter of fact, if you're contacting doctors to ask them about prescribing such a medication, they're all going to be inclined to tell you no and not even let you get in the door, because they consider that to be drug seeking behavior.

Have you tried asking that doctor to refer you to a pain management specialist?

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i know plenty of drs in nj who prescribe oxycodone and other pain meds 2 ppl who r genuinely n not genuinely hurt..if any1 needs any info on these pain drs email email address is {edited for privacy}

i myself was an a motor vehicle accident and broke my neck i had a burst fractures from C5-C7 and a hairline fracture in my jaw and countless other injuries not 2 mention i had my seatbelt on and i was still hurt this bad....and its been an ongoing NIGHTMARE finding a dr who will give me what i need because of all the dope addicts out there selling there scripts and the drs giving it 2 ppl who have BS injuries and those ppl will take the BS procedures n IV's tht dont do ANYTHING for ppl who have REAL pain like i it ends up ppl like me being the martyr of the office 2 make the dr look good 2 the DEA..and the next thing I LOATHE when the dr says 2 me when i ask him 2 adjust my meds is tht the DEA is cracking down blah blah blah blah YEA RIGHT America runs on ppl OD'ing off these pills, getting arrested and fined for selling these pills, paying for insurance to get these pills and the pharmaceutical companies making their TRILLIONS, all the useless IV's and procedures that do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING 2 alleviate the pain long term because if those shots n procedures actually worked and fixed whatever hurt u for good and u were having no more pain all those pain drs would b outa business and go broke so i tell the dr spare me the speech about tht n save it 4 the inept people who actually believe it while ur pulling in ur parking spot in the morning in ur brand new Bentley GT Flying Spur.....but yet i still dont get the correct adjustment of my dosages and strengths....and the worst part is is that he agrees how hurt i am but is basically saying id rather give it 2 the ppl with the BS injuries who r self pay and give me straight up cash for everything so i dont have 2 worry about ur insurance company only paying me $50 for ur visit instead of the $350 i charge ppl every two weeks and $700 a month plush the THOUSANDS for the shots tht do nothing cause all they r is a concentrated level of benzocaine and an anti inflammatory mixture which does NOTHING after it wears off the next day and ur taking ur pain meds while ur having the shots n procedures done anyway so u def dont know if it worked but ive tried it without the pain meds n it was torture those shots r just money makers 4 those drug dealers they call pain now i have a spinal fusion 8 bulging discs which some r herniated now and pinched nerves spinal stenosis foraminal stenosis neurogenic pain arthritis and fibromyalgia n sciatica n all im gettn is Oxycodone 20mg TID (3x's a day) and OxyContin 40mg BID (twice daily) Klonopin 2mg BID....when i used to get Oxycodone 30mg 4-6x's a day and OxyContin 40mg three times a day....and i didnt even finish my monthly meds i had a couple leftover but now that all my pains gotten so much worse n i constantly wake up in the middle of the night and rarely can i fall bak 2 sleep so im stuck taking more than what his dosage is because no one with my pain or pain equivalent to whats medically wrong with me can wait 8 HOURS for a pissy oxycodone 20mg when theyre only r supposed 2 last 3-4 TOPS so asking a patient with a chronic condition like mine 2 wait 8 hours is psycho....and what makes me even more infuriated frustrated and aggravated is that theres these losers there who had kids YEARS ago and r just complaining about post childbirth pain and the doctors give them oxycodone 30mg 6x's a day n oxycontin 60-80mg 2-3x's a day along with fentanyl patches and/or lollipops and xanax valium or klonopin and codeine cough syrup.....ughhhhhhhhh makes me so mad but yea if any1 wants any of these drs info and ur in the nj area email me once again my email is {edited for privacy}

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In reference to your posting on medschat I'm a guy that has legitimate chronic pain i have herniated discs C4, C5 and a torn labrum.

Please provide additional details.

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well said PAINSMYNAME, I am very frustrated with how my dr is allowing her "office" dictate her patient care. she has also decided due to the "office" deciding not to continue to give rx for Percocet, oxycodone Xanax, restoril and so on and so on. my question to my dr on my last visit. when the "office" decides they do not like the cardiac meds I am on any longer how long will it take before the "office" decides to allow me to die? because they don't want you to prescribe cardiac meds any longer ? is that what we have been lowered to concerning our health care? now it the time to invest in rehab's. people who are in severe pain will have to find some way to find relief. this is my own personal fear. what or where will I have to turn to in order to find something to give me some sort of relief? please do not mistake what I am saying, I do not believe that all pain patients will turn to illicit self medicating, but where will we be able to go? and this scares me greatly.

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Can you let me know about any NJ Drs? Thanks need pain management, I have severe pain from auto accident.

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I have a torn shoulder with MRI, can u please help me out

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PAINISMYNAME how can I get your email address it says edited. I would like to speak to you more about this doctor how can I get ahold of you please

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Need ur email, I dont know how to get it if its private? Thanks Ski

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What is your e-mail address? I would like to contact a doctor.

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Lisa, I can't see the email address either. Very kind to help out jersey folk. I am in north jersey. I had 3 back surgeries, can't take any. NSAID meds because of colitis. I have failed back surgery syndrome. My dr. Is retiring and every dr. I've seen since has told me they won't prescribe the narcotic. I don't even take it daily just once in a while when the pain is an 7 or 8 out of 10. The people like you and I (I'm 40) are paying the price for people that are addicts, take advantage of the system and blame the dr after taking H. It gets me mad but if you could tell me about a dr or a few I can see if they are accepting new patients I would really appreciate it.

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Painsmyname-- looking for pain mgmt dr who actually will help me and prescribe oxycodones without treating me like a drug addict. Have multiple issues from injuries and am a constant pain sufferer. I would like the name of your dr if u have it.

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Need a referral for a good oxycodone dr. who can prescribe the 30s. email me {edited for privacy}

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email is edited out. How can i get your email?

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I'm in Atlantic County. I definitly can drive where ever in New Jersey I need a pain Dr asap my dr retired I was getting 180 roxicodone30s and 180 Percocet 10s for break through. ur email was blocked email me {edited for privacy}. I need dr asap

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I dont understand why you dont have fusion surgery like I had to do twice. You are as bad as the fake people.

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Hi. I'm looking for someone who will prescribe either 15 or 30mgoxycodonein northern NJ. I'm currently prescribed 10mgoxycodonebecause I broke my L4 vertebra which had led to the complete deterioration of the disc between L4 and L3 as well as some deterioration of the next disc up. I have all necessary medical documentation. I have been at the same dosage of 10mg for about 5 years now and feel that I need a higher dose as the pain is beginning to take a toll on my ability to be productive each day.

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Hi I live in jersey and having a hard time finding a doc who will prescribe me oxyxodone 30mg 3-5 times a day. Please help. {edited for privacy}

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Help! My car accident 3 years ago is catching up to me. I'm In nj where do I turn for help without getting treated like a young drug seeker. It's a shame how ppl ruin it for us and we now suffer. I'm in nj

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can someone please tell me of a dr who takes medcaid who Rxs opiates w. out making me jump thru a million n hoops. my prev pain doc, Freemen pain inst does not take Medicaid. I need new doc. Please help me. u can reach me via {edited for privacy}

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Re: Jim (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

Yes, I’ve been in the same situation for 9 years. Please let me know if you have a doctor.

{edited for privacy}

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Re: PAINSMYNAME (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Please help with a doc. I've been on meds for 9 years and now I can’t find a doc to help. I can’t even move without meds.

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Re: cathy (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

People aren't abusing/selling cardiac meds, that's the difference.

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Hey, any luck? I need my pain medicine oxycodone 10mg 6 times a day. I cannot find a dr on Long Island, never abused, was hit by a car and thrown 30 feet by a drunk driver, and have severe back pain and had a tube for a collapsed lung. Please help in Suffolk County Long Island anyone and Xanax 2mg 4 times a day for 20 years. I’m 31 years old now. Please help with any drs you know.

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Re: PAINSMYNAME (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Hey this if Tiffany i read ur message i need a doc for oxy in somas if u can help me

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Re: PAINSMYNAME (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Hello 'pains my name'. {edited for privacy}. Can you please share with me a list of doctors, preferably closer to my location in Manchester, New Jersey that will still prescribe oxycodone 30s or close to it? I'm willing to travel. I am going through a lot of health issues as well as a lot of pain issues, and since I moved back to New Jersey from Florida, it's been nothing but pure hell trying to find a doctor to write me anything. Please write me back and let me know about this list. Thank you.

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Hi, I am a legitimate patient that lives on long island but is willing to travel to queens or bronx if needed. I have several documented issues with MRIs and xrays to prove it. I have had 2 hip replacements, 4 herniated discs in my back, and a shoulder injury. I need a doctor that will continue my treatment with 150 to 180 30mg oxycodones per month. Please guide me.

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Re: PAINSMYNAME (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I'm in the New Jersey Area and need more info on the doctors. I suffer from chronic pain and because all these junkies with no diagnose are making situations worse none of these doctors are taking me serious. It would be a blessing if you could direct me in the right path.

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Please help me. I am in legitimate pain. Ive had many surgeries and been with the same doctor for 16years. He had a stroke and i cant find a dr now

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Hi what doctors do you see for pain? I cant find a decent doctor to prescribe me what i really need

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