Doctors In Ri Who Will Prescribe Xanax Rhode Island


My current doctor is moving to be part of a group that is far from me..I've been on Xannex for three years. I went to two different doctors straight out of google search, and they both said they don't prescribe that until they have several visits with the patient… I'm already starting to feel the withdrawals, and I feel I'm gonna start calling out of work it's getting so bad.

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Once you develop an established Doctor Patient relationship the provider might decide to prescribe them for you. If you have been taking it for years you should know how to spell Xanax by now. If you suffer bad withdrawal symptoms you will want to present yourself to an E.R. as this can be very serious.

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I have Xanax attacks throughout my life and I was on it for a couple years again. First time was in the mid-90s. Now it's been 2016 when I had attacks again and I was getting them for a while. And then due to all this crazy activity with people selling drugs all this corruption with people and I couldn't get them anymore. Because of it I never in my lifetime would think America would become would come to be so low and what they do with their laws. Instead of going after the criminals they messed with every American Life that needs medication. I never thought it would ever come to this. People are dying because they cannot get their medication anymore. The saddest thing I've ever seen when I was in the hospital for a for a panic attack. It's sickening. If anybody has any solutions I'd love to hear.

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That's fine with me I'm not here to play games it's the truth. Whatever he needs me to do I will do, if I have to submit lab work every day I'm fine. It comes to the point where it feels like my chest is tightening so bad sometimes it feels like I'm dying and you may think it's funny but it's not a joke to me. I'm a good kid I'm not no punk. I'm 37 years old never been arrested in my entire life. You guys doctors the oath you took is to help your patients and I'm crying out for help I'm willing to do whatever you need me to do. It's been going on for the past year and will made me call. I had my kids and my nieces in the car on the highway they just started screaming and being loud kid what kids do and I just had a freaking out I was swerving I couldn't breathe. I had to pull over to break down lean and my chest feel like it was a rock on it and I just stood outside the car. I needed the kids stay in the car and it took me a half hour to calm down. Do you know the consequences that could have happened? This is not a joke I will do whatever you need me to do I would like to see you face to face. I am not a bad person I have no record I'm a good kid and a good father but that day I felt like I could have lost all my kids and my niece because of this issue of anxiety. I can't take loud noises constantly talking and yelling and screaming they just built it up to the point where I freak out and then I can't breathe and it just feels like I'm dying. I've been taking the 1 mg Klonopin the green and say TEVA and they helped. {edited for privacy}

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I totally believe you, many patients play games and that's one of the reasons so many suffer and can't obtain what you need. If it gets as bad as you mentioned, perhaps an E.R. is the place to start? If you Google Xanax providers for your area, you should see a list of practitioners. Be advised once you get on this type of medicine, the withdrawals can be even worse

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I am looking for a doctor that will prescribe me the Xanax that I have been on. I need a real good physc doctor that will help me. I can't even leave my house.

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