Doctors In Oklahoma Prescribe Oxycodone


I'm looking for pain doc that will give me what my old doc did which was 30mg oxycodone (5 daily), 2mg xanax (4 daily), 10/325mg norco (6 daily). I live in okc, plz anything will help.

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Hello, Stella! How are you?

I'm sorry, but there is no listing of doctors according to what they will or will not prescribe that I can refer to for you.

Additionally, due to the new regulations that were put in place this year, you'll most likely need to see 2 different specialists for such medications, one for the pain and the other for the issue requiring Xanax.

Why are you no longer seeing your old doctor?

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Tulsa or Muskogee pain management drs...I've had Two neck surgeries among other health issues and moving back home. I take klonopin 3/dy, hydrocodone 10/300 @ 4/day v& soma 350mg x4/day and have been since 1999.
Anyone know drs for these meds, I'm legit, have all my files, MRIs, etc. Just don't do shots..I know that's bs! Yes I.realize I'll need a pysc for klonopin. Thanks for any info PLEASE!!!

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Im in

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Youre in to what? Did you find a doctor here?

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You're in OKlahoma? Where did you find pain Dr in need to find before moving to Tulsa..thanks if you can give info Wil supply private email or chat to go to ok

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You're in OKlahoma? Where did you find pain Dr in need to find before moving to Tulsa..thanks if you can give info Wil supply private email or chat to go to ok I know it's against policy here..

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Ppl are messing it up for ppl in REAL PAIN, I have percsription for narcos but my dr is retiring, is there any dr or pain management in okc area that prescribe narco's? (10 mil)

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I know of a good doctor in Tulsa but not OKC.

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Which dr do u know? Like others I can't find any cause of the dope heads that ruined it for us who are in need. I need something stronger than norco 10 but don't dare ask for fear of being labeled drug seeker.

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By the way that last message was for Jemtel

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Seeking new pain managament dr? Anyone, know of a good one around the broken arrow wagoner muskogee area? I'm not a pill seeker and I've got all my MRI XRAYS AND PROOF to be on strong pain meds. Dr. Retired and I need my medication.

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It's doctor Livingston still around. I'm just saying...

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Could I please get this doctors name for my grandmother?

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I hope you found one.. I'm not sure they will let me do this but Dr Donald Kim on the far s.w side of okc

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No Dr. Livingston is no longer around, he was my Doctor and he closed his office and I am having problems finding someone now that will give me my oxycodone 30's. If anyone knows any other doctor that will help me. Please let me know.

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Where are you ? Dr Donald Kim is in Okc

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I need a doctor in the Tulsa area, please. If anyone knows of a good doctor, that is caring and knows something about fibro. I have a MRI to prove my back pain as well. Plus I am allergic to all the fibro meds. So that's why I have to take the oxycodone for my fibro pain.

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I to as well would like to know about your doctor. I really need help cause I feel like giving up.

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Can you please tell me the Dr. name in Tulsa that you know? I am about to give up all the doctors I have been to want to prescribe meds that my insurance will not cover. I was on oxycodone 30mg and my pain management doctor closed his office 2 days before my appointment. I have fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease and a broken bone in my back. I have been going through withdrawals not to mention severe pain. I have been praying for the Lord to take me. Please help.

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Hey my doc just retired plus I moved to tulsa. I take 350 mg somas 3 a day + 2mg alprazolam 3 a day + 10 mg norco... Can you help me find a dr.? I've got one week left of meds.

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Dr Katrina crader prescribes Xanax she’s awesome she’s at ukpsych

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Got hurt in Afghanistan, and the VA is cutting of treating vets for pain, so I am trying to find a doctor in Oklahoma City who will listen and not treat me like a pill seeker. I just want to get back to being able to function like I was. I appreciate anyone who can point me in the right direction.

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just to let every one know I have found a good careing doctor. And he is taking care of me I am blessed. So don't give up keep looking there is some good doctors still left in tulsa you just have to look hard for them. I was turned down like 5 times before I found mine.

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Re: Shelly (# 20) Expand Referenced Message

Did u find a Dr for Xanax? I've been having issues finding one. Klonopin works best for me.

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Re: V (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Did you find a doc? I'm trying for morphine/percocet. I have 4 herniated discs, bad surgery and low back herniation. Please help if you can.

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Dude sorry to say you better get ready to just be lucky that you end up on methadone and xanax even though most doctors are afraid but when you have records of 20+ years you might get lucky and get one kinda pain killer and your benzo im lucky to be getting what im getting because they shut my other dr down i was getting alit more than what you get i got 5 2mg xanax a day 100mg of methadone plus lorcet10 soma and Valium it lasted for a blurry 5 years but unless you have a good reputation with your meds and you can convince them your going to die without or how unbearable a lot of these doctors don't realize that to get off 20 years Xanax have it is going to take three years of pure misery sometimes longer good luck man I don't think you'll get some I think you'll get Xanax and a painkiller and that's it but I don't know your injuries I don't know how long you've been on these meds

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If you find one that will do 30mg oxy, xanex 2 mg, let me know.....I live in OKC thanks

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I have sat here and read all of the comments from everyone needing pain meds in Oklahoma, this is ridiculous that we ALL have to go through so much B.S. to try to get our pain managed. I'm so thankful that I have finally found a PM dr that treats my pain but she will not prescribe the soma that I need for my fibromyalgia, Tmj and chronic muscle pain/spasms nor can I find a psychological Dr that will prescribe the xanax that I need. I have jumped through the hoops that are required by now seeing a psychologist AND a psychiatrist and they still refuse to write benzodiazepines. I have been taking all of these meds since I was seventeen and I am now fifty-one yrs old. So tired of the hoops, I've had two back surgeries, the first one was botched and the second one was to try and fix the first one, he could not even take the hardware out of my back due to fear of paralyzing me. I've had neck surgery with hardware and shoulder surgery and live with chronic pain, migraines and muscle spasms. This is just ridiculous that we ALL are having to suffer due to these new laws.

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Yeah i've thought about that and I don't like giving out my doctor's name either. Plus I've seen ppl get mad at someone and actually call the person's Dr's office and say that they are selling, ect...

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I am glad you are happy where you are going and can get what you need. I didn't think any PM doc would prescribe both. It was my understanding that you now have to see a shrink for psych/anxiety issues and your PM doc tries to reduce pain to improve quality of life. That is fine with me because it is how I have been doing it for a long time. The new problem is that some PM docs will not allow your psychiatrist to prescribe you any benzo if you are on any opiate or opiate blocker. The psychiatrist in OKC pissed me off a long time ago because none do therapy. They all write prescriptions and consider themselves in the business of medication management ONLY. I have has several tell me "if you need to talk I can refer you to a psychologist". As someone who no longer drives I prefer to have as few trips as possible since they inevitably inconvenience my family. The psychiatrist don't care. They just double book every day and try to see 5 patients an hour. The receptionist for a downtown OKC psychiatrist told me exactly that when I was trying to schedule for 8:00 a.m. or just after lunch. I now have a great PM & a psychologist who I see every week but still no psychiatrist who actually cares how I feel.

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