Can I Take Oxycodone With My Dilaudid


I have been taking between 30 -82 mg of oxycodone 3-4 times a day for 3 years and now my doctor wants me to start dilaudid at 8 mg and stop the oxy, but I'm afraid the dilaudid is not equal to the amount of oxy I am on and I will suffer withdrawals. My question is can I take oxy along with the dilaudid so I dont suffer w/d? If so how much oxy can I take? Thank you in advance.

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Hi deliteful,

To answer your first question, dilaudid (hydromorphone) doesn't list any drug interactions with oxycodone, so I don't see why you wouldn't be able to take the two together as long as you inform your doctor about it first. On the other hand, because dilaudid IS reported to be much stronger than oxycodone, it's possible that you may not even need to add oxycodone back into the mix at all after seeing how you feel.

I don't know how true this is, but some comments I saw from other pain patients had mentioned that a 4mg dilaudid (when taken orally) is equivalent to about 10mgs of oxycodone in that respect; and perhaps even more than that depending on who you ask or how it's being administered (IV/tablet).

However, when it comes to specific medical questions about how much of something you can take, this is really something you should seek your doctor's professional opinion on first and foremost, since they can legally advise you on what to do and may also have more specific details on adequate/equivalent dosing between the two drugs according to your individual needs as his/her patient.

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Thank you David :) My doctor is set on dilaudid only with no oxy. I guess I will find out if I have withdrawals within the next few days. Again thank you!

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Hydromorphine is 8x stronger then morphine. So be careful if u mess around.

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I did take them both throughout the day with no problem.

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Can I take Percocet with dilaudin

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It's the same family of medicine. You will not withdraw as you will be getting the same type of medication that you were used to with the oxy. They're both opiates.

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Update: I am now only taking oxycodone. Even though dilaudid is stronger you can have mild w/d if the Dr doesn't give enough to cover what you've been use to. I also think dilaudid doesn't seem to last as long as oxy does in your system; however, since we're all different it may have just been me and how my body reacts to opiates.

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