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Are Bellamine-S and similar drugs still available? My pharmacy can't find them, so if you know how and where you can get them, please let me know. Thank you.

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My pharmacist told me that the drug manufacturer which makes Bellamine is no longer making it. My doctor is searching for an alternative by another brand name. If I have to, I will try Canadian pharmacies on line. This drug has allowed me to get uninterrupted sleep for the first time since going off hormones (mandatory due to blood clots). It has kept the sleep deprivation away and gotten my sleep-wake cycle back to normal. Bellamine is the only drug that has worked for me and is helping me get through menopause.

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Hi there Linda. I was looking for information about the discontinuance of Bellamine S and saw your question. Even though Bellamine worked well for me while I was taking it, once I stopped, since it has been discontinued and was no longer available through my health care provider, I called around and did locate it at CVS [drug store].

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I too have used Bellamine for two years with phenomenal results for night sweats and other menopausal symptoms. When I learned my pharmacy could no longer get the medication, I too did some research and found out the manufacturer has discontinued the product. My endocrinologist has prescribed Clonidine HCL (a blood-pressure med) as a substitute. I will run out of my bellamine tabs this week and begin the new meds. I hope it works . . . will keep you posted AND plan to try CVS!

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My doctor found a compounding pharmacy in my town to make up the Bellamine tabs for me, #90 tabs for $75. It is more than worth it for me. I can't tell you how relieved I was. I also was started on a Catapres patch weekly to help with hot flashes & sweats, but when it was discovered my blood pressure was high, I was kept on the patch by my cardiologist. The combination of the patch and Bellamine is a winner for me.

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Will insurance not cover the medication when compounded? Is it a standard pharmacy (Rite Aid, Walgreens) that is compounding the prescription? I certainly would be happy to pay (as you are), but any information is GREATLY appreciated.

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The compounding pharmacy only deals in cash, the patient is responsible for taking the matter up with his/her health insurance to check about a co-pay or reimbursement. They do not actually make the pills, but put together the same ingredients in capsule form. Just ask your physician to contact a local compounding pharmacy about this.

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The reason it is no longer available is the company had to discontinue making it by order of the FDA!

This medication contained 2 drugs which were NEVER approved for use by the FDA. Ergotamine and Phenobarbital. The FDA is cracking down on these unapproved medications and making the companies remove them from the market. Thus, this is no longer available and there are no equivelent substitutes available.

This is also why, if you do find a compounding pharmacy that has the ingredients to make it for you, health insurance companies will not cover it. They only cover approved substances.

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Thank all of you who have replied! It is obvious that I am not the only person with this problem! My next question is, what company is making the medicine that CVS is selling, since the mfg. co. seems not to be making Bellamine-S? If I check with CVS, what is the name of the drug? Is it Bellamine-S? Thank you.

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I am searching for a pharmacy that is providing Bellamine-S. tablets. I tried CVS and cvs is no longer providing the medicine. please help if anyone knows of a pharmacy.

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I can't see how these were unapproved, as this, formerly Bellergal-S, has been made and sold and prescribed for many, many years. It is not something new. I still cannot understand why they no longer make it. From the replies, I can see that many, many people have been helped by it.

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I have been using bellaspas (Bellamine) for almost a year now, but I'm about to run out of it. It has been miraculous in stopping the hot flashes and letting me sleep. If anyone knows of any way to get hold of it, even outside the country, I'd appreciate hearing from you. Thanks.

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Has anyone had any luck finding Bellamine-S tabs? Have been out of them for 3 weeks & haven't slept well since, not to mention the flashes are back.

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I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 37. The treatments left me with horrible hot flashes that were more depressing than the surgery. Bellamine worked incredibly well for me. My doctor has been unable to find a suitable substitue. Has anyone found anything?

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I had responded to this problem of no Bellergal or Bellamine, as I had no solution, either. My doctor has now prescribed Belladonna Alkaloids w/PB tablets, made by Qualitest, and I really believe that they have helped me, not with the headaches, but with the hot flashes, anxiety, sadness, etc. I had a little trouble getting the prescription going, though. When he went it to Walgreen's, for me to try for a month, he sent it in as Donnatal, for which they substituted the above named drug. However, when it sent it to Caremark for my 90-day supply, he sent in Donnatal, for which they recognized no generic and were going to charge $80 for a 90-day supply, 270 tablets, but if he sent it in the Belladonna.... they would fill it for 90 days for less than $20. I don't understand the reasoning there, since Walgreen's had considered it a generic for Donnatal. However, it has helped me, and I hope that it will help someone else. --

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My pharmacist can not get anyone to call him back regarding the compounding of the drug. If someone has a compounding pharmacy, would you please submit the name and number. I would be so very grateful.

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I've been on Bellamine for 5 years and CVS told me today that it is discontinued. I called WalMart and got the same response. Nothing else has worked for me. I don't know what I will do now.

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My pharmacist has gotten the ingrediants to compound it. What a blessing.

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Would appreciate knowing what pharmacist/pharmacy will compound this and other medicatons. Difficult getting anyone to release info. on compounding meds. Hou; TX

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I cannot sleep at night because of hot flashes. Was taken off hormones because of (blood Clots). Need Bellamine-S. Would appreciate knowing what pharmacist will compound this drug.
Colo Springs, CO

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You can have your pharmacist call the Medicine Chest North in Sulphur Springs, TX and maybe he can help. He is now compounding this drug.

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Re: Verwon (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

I just had Walgreens fill my ergotamine/caffeine pills. They were $75, and they would have been $420 without my insurance. I also use a compounding pharmacy that will take insurance when they can file it.

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Re: over 55 (# 19) Expand Referenced Message

I’m a man, but I’m also a psychopharmacologist. It’s important that you and your doctors understand that it’s not necessary to compound these ingredients. Bellamine-S is just Ergotamine, Phenobarbital, and various Belladonna (Deadly Nightshade) alkaloids. I’m fairly certain Belladonna/deadly nightshade supplements are sold at vitamin shops, but you can also get Rx’d scopolamine and atropine at the correct dosages for blood pressure. Ergotamine is also Rx’d for migraines. And phenobarbital is prescribed for severe anxiety, seizures, and alcohol withdrawal.

Phenobarbital is a C-IV scheduled substance similar to Valium (diazepam), but prescribed less often. If your doctor has any issue with Rx’ing a barbiturate like phenobarbital, discuss the possibility of a low dose of benzodiazepine like Valium or Librium. That’s what you need for the sleep. It’s also more likely your doctor, insurance, or pharmacy will question your barbiturate prescription—which is more dangerous than a benzodiazepine.

[warning]: Please discuss this with your doctor! For any of you that take Bellamine or other phenobarbital-containing products, it’s SO important to understand that long term phenobarbital use leads to tolerance, dependence, and addiction. So stopping Bellamine or phenobarbital overnight may have extremely unpleasant or even life-threatening side effects depending on your dosage. So it may behoove you to switch to phenobarbital or an equivalent dose of a long-acting benzodiazepine like Valium (2-5mg)/day.

Finally, because drugs like phenobarbital and all benzodiazepines can lead to serious dependency over time, please try to limit your dose and stop taking it once your menopausal symptoms subside. These drugs should be taken on as ‘as needed’ basis only to avoid chemical dependency. If you suddenly stop Bellamine or your doctor switches you to a drug without phenobarbital and you experience severe anxiety, insomnia, confusion, shakiness, or other withdrawal symptoms related to barbiturates...tell your doctor immediately and ask to taper down your dose slowly using phenobarbital or Valium. Doctors do not know enough about barbiturate or benzodiazepine-related “protracted withdrawal syndrome” and will often deny that you have it. Older women also comprise the highest percentage of patients dependent on sedatives like benzodiazepines or barbiturates because of doctors like that. So be your own advocate and find a doctor who takes you seriously. Good luck.

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Re: Janice (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

What CVS, or really, where was this CVS for bellamine?

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Where did you get your meds at? What pharmacy? What state? Because I been looking for this meds and I can't find it any where.

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How can I get this drug? I can't find it anymore in the US

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I have the product inThailand which has the same formulation as Bellamine-S. For menopausal women, please contact me.

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have you had any chance of finding Bellamine-s??

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I would like to know where I can locate this medication asap i have sever menapause, hot flashes, mood swings, irritiable etc. I have checked with cvs pharmacy and they do not carry it anymore this is the only drug that helps me

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I found several pharmacies that would compound this medication for me. I chose a particular one due to recommendations from my doctor's office. Do an internet search for compounding pharmacies near (your zip code). When I searched for just compounding pharmacies I found several hundred all over the country. The compounding pharmacies are typically private non-chain pharmacies as they employ actual pharmacologists (pharmacists with an MD) who are allowed to make medication. I took this medication for more than 10 years before it was discontinued. My doctor and I spent 2 years trying other medications to no avail. I did some internet searching, and found a pharmacy that would make the medication for me. My insurance will not pay for it, but the price (~$80 every 3 months) is well worth it. This medication works wonders for my migraines with absolutely no side effects! Good luck finding local or semi local pharamacies to fill your scripts. If the pharmacy isn't local, look into having it made and shipped to you. The extra money for shipping would be worth it.

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I live in Canada and my doctor recently prescribed Bellergal Spacetabs to treat my hot flashes which cause me to sleep very poorly, so I can tell you that they are available here in British Columbia.

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