White, Round Tablet, No Markings, Not Scored Purchased From Cvs Or Target No Markings Or Scored Be Percocet?


Over the past several months I have been prescribed many different pain meds, anti inflamatory meds and muscle relaxer due to rotator cuff surgery. All were purchased with prescription from CVS & Target Pharmacy. After sorting out in weekly med tray, I can't identify a round white pill with no markings or score on either side. Could this be a generic form of percocet?

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In the U.S. all prescription tablets have to have some type of unique imprint on them to enable their identification, in case of emergency.

Since Percocet is a prescription only medication, all of them, including the generics have some type of marking on the tablets.


Did you purchase anything else recently? Such as an over the counter product? They are not regulated like prescription medications and are not required to have markings.

And what happened to the original pill bottles?

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I also have a lot of pills that are blank on one side and have a line on the other. Ive called poison control but they cant identify it either. I was told it was percocet, but I dont believe the people i buy them from. I cant find any info about it.

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leigh anne....u shouldn't be buying pills from people, it's against the law.

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