White Oblong Pill With Ex Imprint Found In My Lortab Bottle


I found a white oblong pill with Ex on it in my lortab bottle could it be a new kind of lortab, or what is it

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Hi Coty,

Based on the description provided, your pill has been identified as Excedrin migraine (Acetaminophen 250 mg / Aspirin 250 mg / Caffeine 65 mg).

Excedrin Migraine is used in the treatment of pain/fever and migraines. It belongs to the drug class: analgesic combinations.

Learn More: Acetaminophen + ASA + Caffeine Details

I hope this helps!

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Not Exedrin Migraine, they have just an E on those. It's a foreign hydrocodone pill but not as good.

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I've found that pill you're describing: white, caplet with Ex on one side, no number. Based on internet search, I also thought it was a Migraine Excedrin pill but they only have the E marking. Can you tell me where to find more information? can you tell where was it produced by the Ex on it?

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Possible generic for Exedrin... from CVS

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I to have found, sitting on the front seat of my car. I have been in the pharmacy profession for the last 19 years, and u can not identify these pills. It is driving me insane!!! I also feel as though the excedrin theory is wrong. PLEASE HELP!!! I would love a picture if possible.

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Did you ever find out what this pill is because I found one as well

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Did anyone ever figure out what this white pill with Ex imprint is? The imprint is capital E, lower case e

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I cant find this answer anywhere , please help !!, it has a shiny white coat. Ex imprint ,capsel shaped. white pill

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this is true ... its Excedrin migraine I just purchased a brand new bottle they all have Ex Capital "E" small "x" .. Excedrin migraine...

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The white oblong pill that I think you are talking about does not have a capital E with a lower case x.. does it? Like the responses saying that it's migraine medicine...
I too found a single oblong white pill with "EX" on one side (both in caps) in my lortab bottle.. it was marked differently than the other pills.. I am shocked and surprised that someone else had the SAME problem!! What is this pill and how and why is it getting mixed in with lortab?

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It is Excedrin Extra Strenth. I have it on my night stand and is an oblong white pill with the letters Ex

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I'm a certified pharm tech... It's Excedrin (aspirin/caffeine/acetaminophen)... My guess is that some one is stealing your narcotic Loratab and replacing it with the Excedrin to throw you off.

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Yeah that's Excedrine not a narcotic.. Someone probably still YOUR real pills and replaced them with excedrine sorry u might have a junkie in the house lol

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I found 5 Pills marked with Ex on one side in my car. I don't know what this is all about but it is very scary!!! I don't own any medicine that looks like this either!

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The kidddies (most likely) replaced your Loratab or Vicodin with Ex (Excedrin Extra Strength) - by the way Ex has APAP, Aspirin and Caffeine in the Oblong White Caplet with Ex (only) on one side.
I use to be in Pharmacy while becoming a Chemist and know this is true

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Yes the white pill with the Ex on it,is excedrin pill..a friend gave one out her bottle for a bad headache I had.and it read excedrin.

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It's a generic antibiotic. It's the sort of thing that might be prescribed if you have an infection.

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