Which Brand Tablet Is Best For Vitamin B12 Deficiency



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Well, I wouldn't use the term 'Chemical Content' exactly, but the FORM of Vitamin B12 that is best, according to some sources, is called Methylcobalamin B12.

If you are having any neurologic problems, then Methylcobalamin is really a MUST- and there are some other benefits of Methylcobalamin.

But it is a bit more expensive and if cost is an issue and you don't have neurologic problems, then any one is fine. Usually the least expensive brand is in the form of Cyanocobalamin.

Kerri Knox, RN
San Francisco, CA, United States

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i feel numbness in my hands and feet every time i wake up in the morning. what would you suggest the best brand for a vitamin b supplement. thanks.

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Dear Sir My brother is sufferring from Leukemia since 4years. He is on medication. Now he is anaemic. Can we give him cyanocobalamin tablets to boost up his energy.

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I am suffering from Weakness, Fatigue, Loss of taste and appetite with weight loss, constipation, exertion, Forgetfulness, Depression, Confusion, Difficulty thinking and concentrating, Impaired judgment and poor control of impulses, A decreased ability to sense vibration, Ringing in the ears (tinnitus), Dementia, a decline in mental abilities that is severe enough to interfere with daily life. I am very much worried about my problem.
Please tell me the best solution of it some days before i was taking nurokind OD tablet as per advised by a doctor and i have stop my treatment may be around one month so please suggest me what to do next.

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my mom is suffering from alzhimiers ,what vitamin b12 should i give her ,can i know any brand name in india?

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My mother (Age 78) had sudden fall resulting back pain (Xray taken and no serious fracture). However, since then (2 months now) she is suffering from Leg Paresthesia, which may be due to neurological disorder / immune deficiency. Please advice vitamin tabs.

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Which tablet is used to stop white hair in a beard?

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I am suffering from foot and heel pain from last three years. I had consult many doctors and homeopathic but no relief found. please let me no shall I take vitamin B-12 and Vitamin B-6.

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vinod look up plantar fasciitis and see if this its your symptoms, usually heel toe exercises and ibuprofen three times a day. once treatment is started it can still take months, also good heel supports in your shoes and try warm epsom salt water soaks for your feet, hope this helps

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I know this is an old post, but for anyone who reads this and has these or similar symptoms definitely get tested for Lyme Disease and co infections. These symptoms are the same as I had for many years (18 years) I had many Lyme tests over the years and all were negative which is the norm with many doctors and most doctors don't want to deal with a Lyme patient. I finally had the correct tests done through a special lab and I was highly positive for Lyme.

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I have fibromyalgia, herniated discs and heart disease. Chronic pain. Low energy from primary hyperparathroid w/ high calcium. What vitamins are best to Improve overall health. I'm a now 57 yr.old female. Chronic pain over 12yrs. All helpful input welcome.

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i was very energetic person till my age 26, now iam 30yr old n always feels dizzy n tiered, iam a field person so getting annoying day by day sitting home. iam not able to do my job as i gets tiered by tittle work n feels like falling down, some times i suffers constipation some times loose motion. i guess these are symptoms of B12 deficiency. please guide me on and next

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I have defficacy Of vitamin 12( memory loss)

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i am taking high doses of methyl but it is not obsorbing into my body also my calcium level is high for three yrs i need any help i can get to find out how to fix this problem
thanks marilyn

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I am suffering from Weakness, Fatigue, weight loss, Depression, vertigo, Ringing in the right ears (tinnitus). I am very much worried about my problem.
Please tell me the best solution of it some days before i was taking Polynuron D tablet as per advised by a doctor so please suggest me what to do next.
Now i am ok except tinnitus and a little bit vertigo. I am taking bp medicine 'Telmikind AM' one tablet in the morning. My hemoglobin is 13.3 and my platelet count is 105 lac. I am also suffering from kideny stone in both side (3.5 mm and 4 mm).
Please suggest some medicine for tinnitus and how can i increase my hemoglobin/palettes. In year (June 2015) to May 2016 i will take veg. As my father was expired on June 2015. After that this types of problem i am getting.

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My wife's blood pressure is 111/69 and pulse rate 63 and she is anemic so suggest a medicine for her.

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My brother is suffering from weakness in feet he cant wlk properly dr. Said this is bcaus of mitochondrial disease can vit B12 help him to oevercom this problem

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Hi Can you tell me at which lab you did the test for Lyme disease. I am having similar symptoms after a fever for last 5 months.

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