Teva Metformin 500mg Need To Purchase


Can't fine teva brand of Metformin regular or ER in my location and I'm allergic to other generic brands. Need to find in Utica, Sterling Hts , MI 48314 area.

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Have you tried asking any of your local pharmacies if they can order it in for you?

From what I have found, they still list the 500mg, 850mg and 1000mg as being available.

A pharmacy should be able to order it in for you and you, or your insurance would just have to pay for it.


What type of reaction do you have to the other ones?

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Hi. I just moved from the area. St John Pharmacy gave me Teva brand my last order. They are located in Macomb Twp, MI on Romeo Plank south of 21 mile. I don't have their phone no as I just switched phones, there also may be another St John Pharmacy located closer to you. Hope this helps.

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They tell me it can not be ordered at all it is the only on i can take so i see their are many in the same place this is sad why will they not make it now more

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